According to a recent article from BIA/Kelsey, more small businesses are starting to use video, not just for promoting their brand, but to engage with current and prospective customers. The company recently sat down to discuss this very topic with Mike Osborne, president of bieMedia, a leading provider of online video marketing.

Osborne states that in the early days of video, SMBs were using them just to get a video presence online, but now they’re starting to do more content marketing and use video as a means to teach through animations so they can look like experts in their field. He goes on further to say that video is a great avenue for giving customers more information.

Learn more on Osborne’s thoughts on the subject by watching the video on this page or attend his presentation at BIA Kelsey’s SMB Conference September 29-30 in Denver, where he will focus on where video is going in the future and how he believes it will become the primary way to deliver a message for SMBs.


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