The best way to know how effective your online advertising is, is to measure. Whether you are spending money on display ads, video ads, pay-per-click, blogging, etc. you need to know if you are reaching the intended audience and how effective your tactics are.

But what should your expectations be?

Invesp has published the infographic below to illustrate statistics and trends in online advertising, with data taken from Nielsen, Hubspot, ComScore, ClickZ, Akami and Digital Marketing Now.

Some highlights:

  • Only half of banner ads are viewed
  • 8% of internet users account for 85% of clicks on display ads
  • The most common response to an online ad is… to click on it!
  • The most viewed (completed) video ads are mid-roll (not at the beginning or end of a video)
  • 60% of digital video advertisers aren’t measuring the effectiveness of their campaigns
  • 70% of marketers are failing to target consumers with behavioral data
Effectiveness Of Online Advertising - Statistics and Trends

Infographic by- Invesp