I recently wrote about email sender reputation and pointed out some commonly-used email practices that could actually land you on the naughty spammers list. The fine folks at VerticalResponse (an email service provider) have put together this infographic that outlines 6 of the basic dos and don’ts of email marketing.

Some interesting points:

  • Using a double opt-in (where subscribers fill out a form, and then confirm their subscription through email) is a good practice, but may not always be the best approach. If you make people jump through too many hoops to receive your emails, some may decide it’s not worth the bother.
  • You need to keep the unsubscribe process simple and painless as well. If you make people jump through too many hoops to stop receiving your emails, they may decide it’s easier to mark you as spam.
  • Too many unengaged readers can impact your sender reputation, so don’t just set-and-forget your email marketing. Keep an eye on reader engagement and make an effort to reach out to those who are habitually ignoring your emails.
  • Some common email elements that could get you marked as spam: HTML forms, JavaScript, Flash, ActiveX, repetitive content, and links to skeevy domains.
Courtesy of: VerticalResponse