Think about the mail that comes to your home or business every day. How much of it is advertising? For most of us, the answer is “a lot,” which means most advertisers still use the US Postal Service as one of their main advertising tools. That means you need to know how to get the most from a direct mail marketing campaign. Some advertisers learn these methods by costly trial and error, but you don’t have to. Instead, use these tips to help you create your next direct mail marketing campaign.

  • First, you need to use a decent mailing list. You can ask visitors to your storefront to sign up on a mailing list, but your best bet is to target your demographics and buy a mailing list geared to your specific needs and the potential customers you’re trying to reach.
  • Use postcards instead of letters. People will read a postcard, but most of them will toss a letter or brochure. They want their message quick and clear, and postcards are eye-catching and colorful, so they make a greater impact. They’re cheaper to mail, too. Things to think about your postcards include using an easy to read, big font, along with vivid card stock. You need to pare your message down to fit on a 4-inch by 6-inch postcard, and use the sturdiest port cards you can afford.
  • Make sure you make your messages consistent. Repetition is key in direct mail, so your postcards should represent your company’s brand and identity. Make sure you always have your company logo and tag line on all your direct mail components, and don’t forget to include your website and social networking links.
  • Your message needs to be clear and compelling to draw in customers. You need to show your potential customers how your service or product can benefit them; you have to make them want it. If your ideas aren’t clear, readers will just toss your postcard in their trash can, wasting your advertising dollars.
  • You should create a mailing calendar, too. You should organize when your direct mail campaign will arrive, and what it’s targeting. You shouldn’t mail around major holidays, like Thanksgiving and Christmas, because people are swamped with mail then, and yours could get lost in the shuffle. Don’t send out more than one mailing to a customer at once, even if they’re for different advertising campaigns, this is annoying to customers.
  • To save time and energy, print your postage at your home or office. You can print out shipping labels and postage at most online shipping sites, and then mail your ads yourself. It saves time and money, which you can add to your advertising budget.

Any successful direct mail campaign has to reach the right person, get read, and then urge the person to seek out your company. Using these tips can help you get that done with your next direct mail marketing campaign.