Read these 10 guides for actionable tips on winning and keeping dental patients. We cover search engine ad buys, Facebook posts, text messaging, appointment scheduling and a lot more. So adjust your safety glasses and let’s drill down…

Online Advertising Tips for Dentists

The choices you make when you run ads online can mean the difference between expanding your business and learning a costly lesson. Every campaign is as unique as its target audience, and this is very true for dentists who want to run online advertising. Starting with these basic tips, you should be able to avoid wasting budget on advertising that won’t bring you patients. [read more]

Examples of How Dentists Are Using Facebook

If your dental office isn’t on Facebook, it should be. Using Facebook is a great way for your practice to engage with your clients, book appointments, highlight reviews, share coupons and be educational… [read more]

Dentists: 5 Must-Do’s to Get Calls from New Patients Online

These five steps accomplish the one basic thing that your online marketing must do: get your phone number in front of prospective patients… [read more]

Add Polish to Your Dental Blog with Infographics

As with almost any type of business, it’s a great idea to occasionally let pictures and graphics tell a story rather than publishing big blocks of text… [read more]

Case Studies:

Digital Marketing Proves Successful for Dallas-Fort Worth Dentist

Dr. Susan Hollar uses SEO, SEM and text messaging but thinks her website is still her best tool. [read more]

How One Dentist Got and Kept My Business

A patient’s point of view: How one dentist combined old and new tech to turn a first-time patient into a regular. [read more]

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