Like any contractor, roofers definitely know the value of a good set of tools, whether manual or digital. And a high-functioning CRM software for roofing is at the top of the must-have digital tools list.

We chatted with Cole Justice from Thryv’s product team to learn how roofing contractors get the most out of Thryv. Here are his top four reasons that Thryv is the preferred CRM software for roofing.

Everything in One Place

Setting up the business profile is step number one. Thryv helps roofing contractors sync with more than 60 online listings pages, like Yelp and Facebook, as well as Google Business features.

“If I’m a roofer who’s new to doing business online, setting up my listing is the single most important thing I can do to make sure I can be found by the folks who are looking for me,” Justice says. “And not just found — they can actually reach out to me with the info from those listings.”

With Thryv as the engine at the center of the contractor’s business, when the contractor sets up the business listing through the Thryv dashboard, it ensures that the business info is accurate across the internet.

Then, because Thryv also includes things like a centralized inbox, scheduling, payments and more, those external listings that offer chat or appointment setting automatically sync with Thryv as well.

“The next step is to load all my clients in Thryv’s CRM,” Justice says. “That’s going to start to truly unlock the power of Thryv. Thankfully, Thryv’s Smart Data Importer makes this step quick and painless.”

Because Thryv’s CRM software is centrally connected with all of the other tools within the platform, all customer information, activity and follow-up is connected and easily accessible, as well.

Easier Estimates and Payments

Here’s where Thryv really stands out amongst the competition for preferred software for roofing contractors.

The journey from initial estimate to final payment is all housed within Thryv. The software makes it easy to process right from the job site.

“When creating an estimate, for instance, a roofer who uses the Hover app for measurements will be able to attach the Hover report right to the estimate,” Justice says.

“It’s a huge benefit to be able to attach these reports — or any photo, contract or document — to an estimate. The client gets notified that it’s all ready for them, so they can approve it right away.”

Other recent enhancements include updated estimates and invoices that are easier to read, as well as templates that roofers can use.

Modern Small Business Playbook

It’s time to renovate your business and beat the competition.

“All of these updates just makes it easier for contractors and their customers because it’s all in one place and online, so they can process it all from their phones, which customers really prefer,” Justice says.

ThryvPay allows customers to pay the way they want, including debit, credit card, Apple Pay, Google Wallet or even bank draft (ACH), which has much lower fees for the business owner. Consumer financing for home improvement is also available through ThryvPay.

When it comes to late payments, Thryv makes that easier, as well. “You can simply click on Overdue Payments and get a list of everybody who hasn’t paid yet,” Justice explains.

“From there, it’s just a click to send a reminder. It’s actually nice because it comes from Thryv, not the business owner, so they don’t come across like they’re hounding their clients.”

Better Team and Customer Communication

Two of Thryv’s recent enhancements are geared to help make communication easier — with the crew or with clients.

“The feedback we got from Thryv users was that on some job sites, the crew may not speak English, so TeamChat allows contractors to send photos that the team can mark up with arrows or circles — and even respond with emojis — to make it that much easier to communicate,” Justice explains.

“It also comes in handy for showing before-and-after photos. And, when we’re dealing with insurance companies, it always helps to have everything documented.”

crm software for roofing
TeamChat allows users to mark up photos to make communication easier.

With TeamChat, everyone can access the chatting app so they don’t have to use their personal phone numbers. Plus, all of the conversations are stored in one place.

Same holds true for customer communication. Thryv’s Centralized Inbox consolidates all conversations — whether from text, email, Facebook Messages, Instagram Messages, web chat and more — all in one inbox, so you don’t have to search multiple inboxes.

“Contractors really love that everything is in one spot,” Justice says. “They can hop in there and get all the conversation details they may or may not remember off the top of their head.”

More Organization = More Time in My Day

All of these features — and more — ultimately lead to better organization on the job and behind the scenes. And that leads to more time back in the day, as well as a more professional-looking business.

Because the customer data and history is all centrally located, it also makes marketing and follow ups that much easier. And better marketing can lead to new jobs.

“For instance, if there’s a big storm come through Thryv lets contractors send out an email blast saying, ‘Hey, if you got storm damage, remember we did right by you last time and we’re here for you now,'” Justice says.

“Staying in front of your customers like that goes a long way in building lasting relationships.”

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