Every small business owner needs tools to get the job done. At Thryv, we’ve got all sorts of gadgets for you, whether you want your business to appear larger than it is, or if you simply want to work faster and smarter.

Our latest free tool is the online invoice generator. Within just a few minutes, you can create a professional, customized invoice that you can download as a PDF. Once downloaded, you can send an online invoice via email or text to your customer.

How to Create Your Free Online Invoice

It’s super easy to create your customized invoice with this tool:

  1. Head over to our invoice generator tool, and click “Build Invoice.”
  2. Add your business logo in the box indicated.
  3. Fill in all of the required fields for your business and your customer’s contact information.
  4. Add in today’s date and indicate the invoice due date.
  5. Some fields are optional, but you may want to use them, such as the invoice number in the upper righthand corner.
  6. Add the product or service name, the quantity or hours and your price or hourly rate. The invoice generator will calculate the subtotal.
  7. There are fields to add comments and terms & conditions, such as the project or job name, past-due notices or other important messages.
  8. Include any taxes or discounts, and the generator will calculate the final total due.
  9. Hit “Download PDF” and you’re done!

Now, you can use your professional and customized invoice to request payment from your customer. Adding personal touches, such as their name and project details in the comments will help your customer understand what the invoice entails, and help you get paid faster.

And remember: Manners matter. Head over to our invoicing etiquette blog to learn more tips on how to request payments that your customers will be happy to pay — promptly.

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