Many business owners see their website as a sort of…digital billboard. If that’s the case, then its only real purpose is to attract new customers and explain what you do.

Visibility and brand recognition are great, but they don’t exactly pay the bills. What would be even better, is if your website could turn these passive visitors into paying customers.

I’m talking about conversion.

Conversion is when you use a website, or any other digital marketing tool, to get someone to complete a certain action.

Popular conversion goals:
  • Contact Us
  • Subscribe
  • Get a Free Quote
  • Book Now
  • Buy Now

Turn Your Website into a Conversion Machine

Here are 3 ways your website could convert more leads.

1. Loading Speed

Fun fact: loads in under half a second. In fact, they calculated that a page load slowdown of just one second could cost them $1.6 billion in sales each year.

So if your page doesn’t load quickly enough for those with limited attention spans, you’ll see a really big uptick in bounces away from your site. Industry benchmarks say your site should load in 2 seconds or less.

Here’s how:
  • Choose a site builder or host that uses simple scripts. Avoid old-school web developers who claim they can do all of the coding on their own!
  • Use images with smaller file sizes. There’s a fine line between using high-resolution (not blurry) photos and approaching too-high of file size, so walk it carefully.

2. Call-to-action Buttons

CTAs help you guide visitors where you want them to go.

Have one prominent call to action on your site. Any more could be confusing.

Choose one right for your business. If you’re based on appointments, choose Book Now, instead of Contact Us.

Ensure they’re clickable from a mobile device. Use big, bold text and buttons.

3. Landing Pages

If you want to test different conversion goals or actions, avoid overwhelming your website with too many CTAs.

Instead, try landing pages. As opposed to your website, landing pages can be customized to fit certain campaigns, goals and target audiences.

In fact, Thryv clients get access to custom templates for landing pages they can create, straight from Thryv. No more back-end web development. No more paying pricey designers or web hosts.