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Paula wanted to create a space for working professionals that was affordable, with options for all project needs, while providing the comfort of home.

Paula sent estimates using an Excel spreadsheet and managed clients through an Access database. She needed a more efficient way to manage her staff and clients, offer online bookings, and create and send estimates and invoices.


Estimates & Invoicing

Creating quotes is now easy and simplified. She can send the estimate via email or text, and when the client approves it, she can quickly turn it into an invoice.

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CRM & Staff

All her staff can access client information and scheduling at the same time, with their own user logins.

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Appointment Booking

Clients can book online appointments from her website, eliminating double-bookings while keeping her calendar full.

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Paula has been able to organize her business and increase productivity now that she has Thryv connecting her CRM with estimates, invoicing and online bookings.

Thryv has given her the tools she needs to:

  • Allow multiple staff to log in and manage her clients.
  • Efficiently send estimates and invoices.
  • Stay organized and get paid faster.

She is able to provide a higher level of service to her clients with an easier way to communicate with her staff.

Thryv’s CRM feature helps me stay organized and engaged with my clients.

Paula Blair | SOAR Co-Working

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