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Business Problems

At Pleasant Leadership Consulting, Dr. Renee had her hands full, running her business the “old school” way. From sorting out scheduling to managing social media content, time was not on her side.

But since Thryv came into the picture, running her business has become a whole lot easier.

With Thryv handling the tedious tasks, Dr. Renee can refocus on her core strengths. Instead of pouring countless hours into social media updates and calendar checks, she’s back to what she does best: Leading the leaders well.


Scheduling & Appointments

The biggest problem that Thryv helped Dr. Renee overcome is scheduling. Previously, she relied on manual methods involving conversations with clients, checking her calendar and follow-ups. This approach was not only time-consuming, but also created errors, leading to missed appointments and double bookings. With Thryv's efficient system in place, Dr. Renee has significantly reduced booking errors, boosting her credibility and professionalism in the eyes of her clients.

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Social Media Content

Prior to using Thryv, getting the word out about Pleasant Leadership Consulting felt like a full-time job. Dr. Renee now saves considerable time and effort by relying on Thryv to post social media updates on her accounts each week. This efficiency has not only lightened her workload, but also significantly increased the reach and impact of her business, enabling her to concentrate more on her clients' needs.

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The ability to create personalized campaigns within Thryv allows Dr. Renee to communicate her specific needs to specific clients. Plus, with Thryv’s robust analytics, she can access detailed data on how potential clients interact with each campaign. She can track guest interactions on her website and shared links, enabling her to make informed follow-up decisions. This data-driven approach allows her to optimize her time and focus her efforts on connecting with the right individuals, effectively distinguishing between those genuinely interested in her services and those who are not.

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Dr. Renee needed an all-inclusive tool to prevent missed tasks in her business’s blind spots. With Thryv, she has the power to:

  • Prevent scheduling errors by streamlining the appointment booking and follow-up processes.
  • Increase her business’s reach through social media and personalized campaigns.
  • Make data-driven decisions with detailed analytics so she can grow her business efficiently.

With Thryv, Dr. Renee has been able to grow her business with credibility and reduce friction for herself and her clients.

Using the Thryv software has prevented some wowzers, because prior to Thryv, I double booked.

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