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In 2006, Rob started Navigate Financial Aid to help make college affordable. He and his team help guide parents and students through the entire financial aid process for college funding.

Rob was struggling to find a process to manage the business efficiently. They were using a ton of paper and wanted to make the switch to digital. They needed a way to organize everything in one place and make it easier to communicate with staff and clients.



All clients in the system, all in one place. Every inbox message, document, invoice and text message is connected to that client, making everything easy to access and track.

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He can bill his clients directly and keep track of what’s going in and out with confidence. With over 600 transactions regularly, this saves Rob and his staff a lot of time.

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Clients can book right from his website and interact with him directly through the Client Portal, saving his staff from being inundated with calls.

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Navigate Financial Aid was able to take a paper-run business living in filing cabinets to an efficient and organized digital business with Thryv.

Thryv has given him the tools he needs to:

  • Manage more than 75% of their business online.
  • Create ease and confidence with staff and client communications.
  • Track everything in one place for payments, documents and appointments.

Thryv saves them approximately 3 minutes per client interaction. With over 600 clients, that’s a lot of time!

We try to communicate 100% through Thryv. We can process faster, access faster and we are organized.

Robert Ruggerio | Navigate Financial Aid

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