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Mike Frazier Plano, TX

Doing Business Easier Since 2019.

Business Problems

When Mike Frazier started his first company in 1987, online marketing was merely a concept and customers paid with cash or checks. Fast forward to 2019, when Mike began his new business, he was confronted with a transformed landscape. Several significant challenges emerged:

  • To succeed in the modern business world, he needed to use the Internet for marketing unlike before, when he mainly advertised in-person and in print.
  • Customers want more payment options, like credit cards or using digital payment apps like Venmo. Mike had to adapt to keep his customers happy.

On top of that, he did the administrative tasks himself. This included things like scheduling appointments, making invoices and collecting payments. All of this extra work took up much of his time and made it hard for him to focus on growing his business.