top tweetsFirst we covered top-performing Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn — now we’ve come to Twitter!

Twitter can be a wily one. Between the amount of information going through Twitter users’ feeds to the lifespan of a tweet, it’s probably easier to get lost in the shuffle on Twitter than any other social medium. So here I’ve highlighted some of our most noteworthy tweets and why I believe they stood out.

Hopefully, this will help you determine if similar tactics would work for you!

The Holiday Tweet

People are really focused on holidays when they come around, so that will cause them to zero in on your holiday-focused tweets too. This tweet received 2,853 impressions and 30 engagements. We doubt it would have received anywhere near those numbers had we tweeted about habit loops during any other season.

The Pop Culture Tweet

Similar to the holiday tweet, this tweet hangs its hat on a current pop culture phenomenon. But that probably isn’t the only reason this tweet received 775 impressions and 37 engagements. It’s also a tweet featuring a photo, which makes the tweet more visual, and that photo is fun — those doughnuts are dead ringers for the cartoon version! Add to that it’s giving a small business a shout-out, making it an easy tweet for others to get behind.

The Fun Tweet (with strategic hashtags!)

Here we have another image-focused tweet but with a text overlay that boosts the fun factor of the image. We chat with real estate and interior design professionals on Twitter all the time, so we used the hashtags they use to get their attention, leading to 1,361 impressions and 40 engagements.

The Twitter-Specific Tweet

Just like people on Facebook tend to like to read about Facebook, folks on Twitter enjoy Twitter-centric posts. In addition, this promotes an activity and used a hashtag that was trending at the time — it’s no wonder it garnered 1,114 impressions and 54 engagements.

The Shout-Out Tweet

This tweet includes the handles of five popular tweeters who contributed to the article it promotes. They in turn retweeted the post, helping to give it 5,309 impressions and 53 engagements. In addition, the article garnered 38 tweets from the blog itself. This is partly because the article was made to be Twitter friendly. Contributers were culled through Twitter, and their hashtags were promoted in the article to help drive traffic to them as well. The lesson here: if you give someone a shout-out on your blog, give them a shout-out on Twitter too!

I usually list one dud for these case studies but not this time. There’s so much noise on Twitter that it’s really easy for a tweet to whiz by unnoticed!

Please share with us your most successful tweets!