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A Case Study of Top-Performing LinkedIn Posts and One Total Dud (Part 3)

By | 07.18.14
A Case Study of Top-Performing LinkedIn Posts and One Total Dud (Part 3)

This is the third part in our series of social media case studies. Read our others on Facebook and Instagram here.

The business-to-business social platform LinkedIn isn’t a natural fit for all businesses, but it’s been great for some, us included. It can be especially helpful to small business owners who regularly work with other businesses, like vendors that work in the wedding industry.

For us, it’s been a useful way to interact with business owners who want to connect with other professionals and learn more about marketing their business. It’s also the perfect platform to establish your knowledge of your field.

Here, I’m going to break down some of our top performing LinkedIn posts and analyze why they performed well — then share how you as a small business owner can use that information. And for fun, you’ll get one analysis of a post that missed the mark too!

The Good

A Peek Behind the Scenes

behind the scenes linked in post

With 7,060 impressions, 131 clicks and 22 interactions, this post is one of our all-time top performers.

  • The post performed well on Facebook as well, probably for the same reason: People like to see other people.
  • Even better, people like photos of happy people.
  • Whether your business is big or small, followers enjoy a peek behind the scenes. It gives them a different perspective and makes you seem accessible.

Job-centric Post

hiring linkedin post

This post had a strong performance across the board with elevated engagement as well, meaning the ratio of interactions to views was higher.

  • Many people are on LinkedIn to get hired. So tell them you’re hiring, not just in a typical job post but in your feed as well, like we did here.
  • Info relayed by graphic typically performs better than if you were to simply type it in. This is true for quotes as well.

Funny Post

funny linkedin post

Check out those higher-than-usual interactions!

  • We often post fun posts on Fridays because everyone is in a more playful mood on Fridays.
  • But even with a fun post, notice we keep a connection to our goal: We’re highlighting small businesses. General funny posts will work as well, but your followers will especially appreciate funny posts that highlight your field.
  • Is “Sweet Dreams” stuck on repeat in your head now? You’re welcome.

Social-centric Post

helpful linkedin post

While this post wasn’t the chart-topper like the previous posts, it still had a strong showing. And we enjoyed the playful exchange in the comments to boot.

  • General social media posts tend to perform well across various social platforms.
  • This image in particular is both useful and fun — always a helpful combo. Be on the lookout for similar posts that suit your field.

The Bad

The Total Dud

pinterest linkedin post

Well, at least we got seven clicks? Also, one person liked it!

While general social media posts and posts about the platform you’re on (so LinkedIn posts on LinkedIn, for example) tend to perform really well, posting about other platforms is always a roll of the dice for us. But we still need to try different types of content to determine what interests our audience, and we encourage you to do the same.

Test out various types of posts, even some tangentially related to you. In all honesty, some will flop — but others may perform better than you ever imagined. Take note of what works and what doesn’t because both are essential to forging a social direction for your company so you can better engage your audience and promote your business.

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