Every dollar counts when you’re operating a small business. That’s especially true for expenses like small business software. And, one of the biggest returns on investment you can get from adding technology to your workflow is improved employee productivity.

Your labor costs are likely your biggest business expense. In fact, labor can account for 70% of your business’s overall costs. So naturally, you’ll want to get the most out of every employee on staff.

Here’s the good news: The majority of your employees — those in the GenX, Millennial and GenZ populations — are already super tech-savvy. They expect to use devices, apps and software to get the job done.

It’s up to you to put the right tools in their hands.

Smart Business Software Keeps Employees on Task

Many online programs will allow you to wrestle project management to the ground. You may need someone to set up priorities, tasks and deadlines, and enter them into the software. But once that’s done, all team members can view every project. We particularly like free or low-cost options like Asana and Basecamp for very intuitive, easy-to-use systems.

If you’re worried about employees’ productivity, some software systems, like Toggl, make time tracking easy. You can also use software to block certain websites on workplace equipment to keep employees off social media, if you want to get hardcore like that.

If you manage multiple customer projects or have clients “assigned” to employees, such as hairdressers or massage therapists, consider utilizing an online shared calendar. Those big, spiral-bound, paper calendars are a thing of the past! Plus, only one person can use it at a time. No more calendar hogging or double booking! With a shared online calendar, each team member can upload their own activity, for everyone to see at a glance.

How Thryv can help: If you use an online calendar, like Google or Outlook, you can sync it to your Thryv calendar. Plus, you can send automatic reminders through email or text so you significantly reduce your no-shows. With staff added to your Thryv calendar, you can also send reminders on behalf of the staff member. This adds a personal touch that goes a long way.

Empowering Clients Boosts Employee Productivity

When customers have the option to explore and find answers on their own, you’re giving them the power of discovery and decision-making. This can be a more powerful relationship-building tool than you may think. Plus, it ramps up your customer service response time.

Additionally, you’re improving employee efficiency when they don’t have to stop a project to answer phone calls. Add an FAQ page to your website or use a chatbot on your site to answer typical questions in real-time. Or set up automated messages in Facebook Messenger that can do the same thing.

How Thryv can help: Thryv offers a dedicated Client Portal that gives your customers direct access to you. In the portal, they can see your available times and book a future appointment with you. They can also send you messages or upload documents and more. All of these digitized processes will free your employees up to work on their projects, rather than repeatedly answering the same questions.