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How to Bring a Facebook Page Back from the Dead

How to Bring a Facebook Page Back from the Dead

By | 06.07.16
How to Bring a Facebook Page Back from the Dead

So you started a Facebook Page for your business a while back with all good intentions but then you got busy with other stuff and now it’s a sad collection of a few dusty posts from long ago. Hey, no judgment—it’s a common story.

If you’re thinking of reviving your Page—well, you should. Facebook is huge: 1.5 billion monthly users worldwide, 219 million in the US. And the trend is in its favor: The generation born after 1981, prefers social media and web chat as the #1 way to contact a business, according to one authoritative survey.

But if you’ve been off Facebook for a while, know that some things have changed:

  • Facebook regularly changes its algorithm (the way it determines how posts display) and now it is much more difficult for businesses to get seen in their followers’ News Feeds. Facebook clearly wants business users to spend more on ads or paying to “boost” a post to better placement in News Feeds.
  • Facebook wants you to think of your Page as less of a publishing platform and more of a place for two-way communication with customers. See Facebook Wants to Be Your Customer Service Center and Facebook’s Future: Your Customer Service Bot.

Follow these 9 steps to bring a Facebook page back to the land of the living:

1.  Get page password and permissions in order

This is a good time to take care of some housekeeping.  Update the password and confirm who has “admin” and other permissions to work on the Page. Remove anyone from admin status who should no longer have that role.

2.  Update your Page

Add recent images as the cover and profile photos and check your basic information. Select a “username” (@yourbusinessname), a new feature. Take advantage of opportunities for business that Facebook recently introduced, such as:

3.  Rethink your Facebook strategy

Also a good time to set some goals that line up with your bigger business objectives. Are you in it for brand building (more Likes), customer service (number of questions answered in a timely way) or leads (clicks through to a lead generation form on your site, perhaps, or appointments booked through Facebook)?

4.  Spy on what’s working for your competitors

Since you’re out of practice with Facebook, see what your active competitors post and what kind of response they get. On your Page Insights tracking tool you can create a list of Pages to Watch and view performance of their posts. Facebook even starts you out with some “Suggested Pages to Watch”.

5.  Publish a “we’re back” post

Not to worry, probably no one noticed you were gone; out of News Feed out of mind. But own it and give it a positive spin: “We were so busy serving our customers that…”

6.  Start posting the 5 most shareable types of posts

Take your best shot at breaking into the News Feed with these tested ideas from our social media empress Christine Landry in 5 Types of Likable, Shareable and All-Around Engaging Facebook Post Ideas.

7.   Reach out to former active fans

If you’re close enough to some customers who were active in commenting on and Liking your Page before, send them a Facebook message, asking for help to get the word out.

8.  Pay to promote posts or Likes

For as little as $5, you can “boost” a post to display it in the New Feeds of a wider audience. You choose a target audience, such as your followers or friends of followers. Alternatively, you can buy an ad campaign to attract Likes, and Facebook will get your ad in front of people who fit your specs for location, age, gender and interests.

9.  Commit to posting, Liking and commenting regularly — or hire someone who can

No backsliding, now. Set up a realistic schedule you can meet for posting, every other day, for example. Create some recurring themes to make planning easier, for instance #motivationmonday once week. And be honest: You probably still are crazy busy running your business and might do better turning the job over to a professional.

Dex Media manages social media accounts for our clients. 

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