With 45 percent of Internet-savvy adults in the U.S. already stating their interest in wearable tech devices, how many will actually begin adopting this new type of technology? That is the question on the minds of many small-to-medium business owners today.

As interest in this latest tech craze continues to grow, more consumer data will become available for SMBs to determine if it’s a viable option to add to their marketing efforts or other aspects of their business. Below are five ideas from leaders in wearable tech on how to incorporate this technology:

  1. Fueling customer care: As stated by Stacy Adams of mBlox, “wearables are a game changer for customer care and mobile CRM”. Content delivered by wearable tech will already be timely but should also be highly relevant and unique to customers. She goes on to say that SMBs should implement their strategy through a joint effort across their organization and that they have an advantage due to being a smaller company.
  2. Opportunities for local relevance: Applications that show content relevant to the customer’s physical location will allow SMBs to put themselves directly and quickly in front of potential customers.
  3. Optimized messages: SMBs need to make sure messages are highly targeted and appropriate.
  4. Driving payments and foot traffic: Security and identity will become more important features once consumers begin to adopt and accept this new technology and SMBs begin to leverage it to drive payments and push promotions based on customers’ physical proximity.
  5. Cutting marketing costs: SMBs can use location data to tailor messages to customers in the local area vs. sending out impersonal broad-based marketing blasts.


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