A Way to Monitor and Moderate Comments and QuestionsFor thousands of local businesses, one of the tricky parts of social media is that questions and complaints are generally visible to all of your fans and followers online.  What’s more, customers who post questions on, say, your Facebook page, expect a reasonably quick response. How can local business owners pull this off while protecting one’s business from social spam and inappropriate comments?

A tool called Conversocial offers a solution.  Conversocial lets you monitor, moderate and delete or flag comments and other items posted on your social media pages. The system can be set up to funnel all comments to your email box first and helps you establish a system for dealing with and responding to messages, comments and questions. There’s also a reporting dashboard to help you track what’s going on.  The service isn’t cheap (starts at $125/month), but is potentially worthwhile if you have a large or growing need to respond to social-based conversations.