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74 Clever Blog Post Title Templates That Work [Infographic]

74 Clever Blog Post Title Templates That Work [Infographic]

By | 02.05.15
74 Clever Blog Post Title Templates That Work [Infographic]

I believe it was celebrated 19th century Shakespearean actor Edmund Kean who said, “Dying is easy. Blog post titles are difficult.” Truly a visionary, that man. But he did have a point. Putting together a snazzy blog post title that grabs your readers’ attention *and* makes the search engines happy can be a real challenge.

Fortunately, Pauline Cabrera of TwelveSkip has put together this clever infographic highlighting dozens of attention-grabbing templates to help you craft the perfect blog post title. Whether you’re looking to spark your creativity or simply mix things up a bit on your blog, you’ll find this list incredibly useful.

blog post title infographic
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