Unicorn Graphics Sign Made of Paint BrushesHere’s an easy prediction: The retail shopping experience will get more entertaining to compete for attention from consumers in a world overloaded with media. We rounded up five technologies likely to be the in-store signage of the future. They’re here now—just expensive. But with the way technology keeps getting cheaper, they’re worth your attention now.

1.  Signs Printed on Anything

Unicorn Graphics figured out a way to print a sign on anything, like a wall of paint brushes, for truly striking retail displays.

2. Display Cabinets That Project Messages or Play Videos

Imagine a see-through glass cabinet holding a pair of shoes while projecting a video of models wearing the shoes. Or just watch this video from Samsung.  Americhip offers something similar.

3. Ultra High Resolution TV Screens as Signs

We’re already approaching the time when everybody will have a big honking HDTV on the wall at home. Retail signage looks pretty dull in comparison. In-store signs of the future will be more like the Planar UltraRes LCD screen: 84 inches wide, 3 inches thick, with a resolution higher than HDTV, meaning you can walk right up to it and it still looks crystal clear. It’s a touch screen, too.

4. Printable Flooring

You mean you’re still using your store floor just for walking around? Turn it into giant signage with this line of floor graphics from Better Life Technology, LLC. They’re easy to swap out, too.

5. Virtual Greeters

In the future, senior citizens wearing blue vests will be replaced at the store entrance by forever young projections welcoming shoppers and announcing store specials – until some old codger “trips” over the power cord. Available from Tensator.