10 Tips to Unstick Your BusinessDon’t let your business end up like this poor cat.

But if you do feel stuck, this post should help. As a service to local businesses, Dex Media has held a series of seminars featuring small business expert and author Barry Moltz. The latest took place in Las Vegas. There, Moltz discussed common problems local businesses have and how to tackle them. Below find 10 highlights — some are very specific tips, others more conceptual. But all help with how to move you and your business forward.

  1. Most likely your prices are too low rather than too high. Charge what you’re worth.
  2. Avoid the double helix trap: We market when we have no sales, but when we have sales, we don’t market.
  3. People only buy when they’re “in pain” and have money to solve the pain.
  4. It’s rare when you can talk someone into buying your product. It typically takes 21 impressions to make a sale.
  5. Collect your contacts into one place. Don’t have them scattered in email, Facebook, your phone, etc.
  6. Once a month, reach out to your customers and give them something of value. Don’t sell yourself — offer helpful information. So if you’re an air conditioning company, send an email that explains the importance of cleaning out your air ducts, not a hard pitch about your company.
  7. Short subject headlines in your email newsletter are best. Make it 50 characters or less. Moltz’s most clicked title last year was: “My Wife Thinks I’m Having an Affair.” When readers clicked through, they saw the thought completed: “with my business.”
  8. Getting a “maybe” from a prospective client is worse than a “no.” Hope is not a strategy.
  9. Don’t start your day by opening your email. You can get lost in it. Do what’s most important first.
  10. When employee goals match company goals, employees will stay.

And here’s a bonus tip from Barry: Don’t worry about getting rich. If you build value and solve pain points, business will come.

Photo by roweenaweb via Flickr