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Reach more customers with text software for business

When you’re running a small business, finding ways to connect with customers easily and affordably is essential. That’s why so many companies are turning to SMS text messaging. Text marketing for small business lets you reach customers where they live – their mobile phones – with messages that are short, sweet and more likely to be read than any other form of marketing. While email marketing for small business remains the best way to communicate with customers when you’ve got a lot to say, text marketing delivers a powerful way to grab a customer’s attention.

As a do-it-all platform packed with business management tools, Thryv offers text software for businesses that want to capitalize on the benefits of text marketing. With Thryv, you can send a broad range of automated text messages to build stronger relationships with customers and get paid faster.

What can you do with small business text software?

The right text software for business will let you improve customer communication in several ways.

Reduce time spent on the phone
A majority of customers would rather receive a text and get a phone call.i And odds are you and your staff would rather spend less time on the phone for things like booking appointments and tracking down payments. Automated text software for business lets you handle a lot of customer communication with a lot less effort.

Make sure your message gets seen
Text messages are not blocked by spam filters the way that emails can be, and since text messages have a 98% open rate, your message is far more likely to be seen in a text than in an email.ii

Reach a receptive audience
Since the customers receiving your texts will have opted into your business texting services, you will always be communicating with an audience that actually wants to know about your business and receive promotional offers.

Reduce no-shows
Sending automated appointment reminders is a great way to help service-based businesses cut down on the number of clients who don’t show up for an appointment.

Share promotional info
Text messages communicate a sense of urgency, which can be helpful when letting customers know about a flash sale or an extra special discount.

Build your reputation
Text software for business is a great tool for automatically asking for reviews or sending out satisfaction surveys.

Get paid faster
Texts with automated payment reminders can also include a link where customers can pay online. Customers appreciate the reminder and the convenience, and you’ll appreciate the improvements to your cash flow.

Text software for business from Thryv

Thryv is an end-to-end business management platform that helps small businesses stay organized and work more efficiently. From marketing and document management to invoicing and CRM technology, Thryv offers solutions that can help you and your team manage nearly every aspect of your business.

Thryv’s text software for business delivers everything you need to make text marketing an indispensable tool for connecting with customers.

Automated messages
With Thryv, you can automate everything from payment reminders and appointment reminders to birthday greetings, review requests, receipts and promotions.

Ready-to-send templates
Thryv offers a massive library of pre-written text templates that you can quickly customize and send in just a few clicks. When you don’t know what to say, you’ll find inspiration in Thryv’s collection of texts written for every occasion and customized for your line of business.

Grow your list legitimately
Thryv provides customizable widgets for your website that let customers opt into your text list while keeping you in compliance with spam and privacy laws.

Consolidate communications
With a centralized inbox on the Thryv platform, you can view all your text messages for a customer in the same thread as email messages, social media communication and other interactions.

Track your progress
The Thryv dashboard lets you instantly see analytics and detailed insights about your text marketing campaigns. By tracking opens and clicks, you can see what kinds of messages and offers are working and where you can improve.

Additional customer communication solutions from Thryv

Along with text software for business, Thryv offers several additional solutions for improving interactions with customers.

Email marketing automation software
Thryv’s email marketing tools for small business let you set up automated, trigger-based marketing campaigns to send personalized emails to customers at the ideal time.

Client portal solutions
Thryv provides a secure, online portal for your business where customers can log in to take advantage of self-service options, schedule appointments, make payments, share documents or send messages.

CRM software
Thryv’s customer relationship management (CRM) technology combines all your customer lists in a single location so you can find, filter, tag and track your contacts how you want. With Thryv’s small business CRM software, you can nurture leads and opportunities more effectively while allowing Thryv to automatically enrich customer data with details from social profiles, photos and other public information.

Online appointment scheduling capabilities
Give customers the option to go online anytime to book or request appointments at times that work for them. Online appointment scheduling relieves your staff from having to play phone tag or answer calls throughout the day to schedule customer appointments.

A professional website
Let Thryv’s in-house designers build a website for your company. Along with professional copy and design and compelling calls to action, your site will be optimized to make your business as visible as possible with top search engines.

Reputation management services
Thryv’s online review management service helps generate more reviews by asking customers for reviews at the ideal time. Thryv notifies you as soon as customers post comments online and helps you reply to reviews within one business day, even when your schedule doesn’t permit you to do it yourself.

Why choose Thryv?

Thryv’s end-to-end platform delivers software solutions to manage nearly every aspect of your business. From improving your online presence and streamlining scheduling to accepting payments and protecting your reputation, Thryv delivers the tools you need to organize and manage your business more efficiently.

As a do-it-all, cloud-based platform, Thryv is accessible from anywhere, on any device – mobile devices, tablets, laptops or desktops. Offering a single platform with comprehensive tools, Thryv eliminates the need to repeatedly log in to different platforms throughout the day. Thryv integrates easily with the platforms you already use – including QuickBooks, Gmail, Zoom, WordPress, PayPal, Square and many more – so you and your team can keep using the tools that you already know. Cutting-edge data encryption and customizable account access keep business information and customer data safe and secure. With unlimited support available 24/7, you’ll always have access to live experts who understand your goals and can help you at every stage of your business journey.

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Text Software For Business FAQs

Your text software for business questions, answered.

What is text software for business?

Text software for business automatically sends texts to customers to remind them of appointments, request reviews, send promotional offers, issue invoices or follow up after a purchase.

What are the benefits of text software for business?

Text messages have a very high open rate, ensuring your message is likely to be read by customers. Automated text software for business reduces the time that employees must spend sending email or making phone calls to customers. Automated text reminders for appointments help reduce no-shows, and invoices sent via text tend to get paid faster.