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Save time with electronic signatures

For small business owners, getting customers and contacts to sign documents is an important task. In many industries, work can’t begin until every document has been signed correctly. Yet, the process of collecting signatures manually can easily drag out for days or even weeks.

Technology for electronic signatures can help by streamlining workflows and simplifying the tasks of tracking the signature process. With the right software, individuals can receive documents online immediately after they are created and add their digital signatures with just a few clicks. The business can immediately view the document and verify that it’s been signed correctly. Automation takes the headache out of tracking the status of each document, and electronic security ensures the safety of each file.

As a do-it-all platform offering comprehensive small business tools, Thryv provides an easy-to-use solution for electronic signatures.

The advantages of signing documents online

There are several big benefits to enabling customers and contacts to sign documents online.

  • Greater convenience. For your customers, electronic signatures offer a faster and easier way to sign documents right from their phone, tablet or computer.
  • A faster process. Rather than mailing files to individuals and waiting for the signed documents to be returned, online document signing software accelerates the timeline and finalizes documents faster.
  • Simpler workflows. With digital signature software, it’s easy to keep track of the status of each document and signature, including who has opened, signed or approved the document – and who is holding up the process. Plus, there’s no need to print, scan or send documents through the mail, saving lots of time.
  • Tighter security. Electronic signature software offers a high level of security along with digital audit trails that make it easier to keep sensitive information and private documents secure.
  • Reduced costs. From making the process more efficient to reducing paper and printing costs, electronic signatures help save a lot of money.

Solutions for electronic signatures from Thryv

Thryv is an end-to-end platform that provides fully integrated solutions for nearly every aspect of your business. From marketing and CRM to invoicing and reputation management, Thryv delivers powerful small business tools in a single solution that’s easy to use and accessible anywhere.

Thryv’s document storage management solution includes software for electronic signatures that simplifies, protects and speeds up signature requests. With Thryv, you can:

  • Easily add electronic signatures to documents. Create a template with drag-and-drop fields and set a signing order, if desired. Thryv automatically sends the document to your contacts and monitors and reports on signing progress. Thryv also sends daily reminders to customers who have not yet signed their documents. Once all signatures in a document are collected, Thryv automatically syncs the file to your CRM.
  • Ensure document security. Tamperproof templates and signature fields ensure all documents stay safe and secure. Thryv also offers cutting-edge encryption and customizable account access controls to prevent documents from being leaked, lost, or stolen.
  • Exceed customer expectations. Customers today expect an easy, frictionless experience when it comes to things like signing documents. With Thryv, your customers get a straightforward experience with intuitive signing fields, daily reminders and helpful guidance through every step of the process.

More solutions from Thryv

In addition to software for electronic signatures, Thryv’s do-it-all platform offers all the tools you need to run your business, organized in three convenient centers.

Thryv Command Center
Streamline communications with a centralized inbox that combines conversations from 12+ channels into a single, easy-to-follow discussion thread – an industry first. Access a communication history for each client. Get voicemail transcriptions delivered to your inbox so you can quickly find information. Communicate with your team via direct messages, group chats and annotated photos.

Thryv Business Center
Thryv’s management software can help save up to 18 hours a week so you can spend less time pushing paper and more time doing what you do besti. Organize client information with CRM software solutions and nurture leads and customers with automated email and text marketing. Allow customers to book appointments online and access information in a self-service portal. Get paid faster by seamlessly creating estimates and invoices that offer customers more ways to pay. Manage your online reputation by monitoring and responding quickly to reviews. Simplify social media management with tools to post to all your accounts from one location.

Thryv Marketing Center
Get a one-stop shop for promoting your business with tools that make it simple to run ads, enhance your online presence, understand your audience and make data-driven decisions.

Why customers love Thryv

From dental practices and pet groomers to contractors and other service businesses, thousands of small business owners trust Thryv to manage their most important business activities. As a do-it-all platform, Thryv makes it easy to access the tools you need throughout the day without having to repeatedly log in as you switch applications. You can access your Thryv account from anywhere, on any device, putting business tools at your fingertips anytime you need them.

Thryv integrates seamlessly with the tools you and your team already use – like QuickBooks, Zoom, Clover, MailChimp, Jotform, Square, PayPal and dozens of others – so you can keep working with the tools you know while adding the power of Thryv solutions to your workflow. Unlimited support is available 24/7 from Thryv specialists who possess both small business savvy and technical expertise.


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Electronic signatures FAQs

Your electronic signatures questions, answered.

What are electronic signatures?

Electronic signatures are used to sign digital documents, offering a more efficient way to finalize documents than signing documents in person. With a secure solution for electronic signatures, individuals can sign documents online, accelerating and simplifying the signing process.

What are the advantages of electronic signatures?

Electronic signatures are easier and faster than signing documents manually, providing greater convenience for customers and a more efficient process for businesses. Electronic signatures offer greater security, too, since businesses can see exactly who has accessed, altered or signed a file. Electronic signature software also automate many of the tasks involved in document tracking, simplifying the workload for the business.