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Simplify reputation management with customer reviews software

When you’re running a small business, reviews are a big part of winning customers and building your business reputation. Reviews and ratings influence how consumers perceive your business and the products and services you offer. When considering whether to do business with your company, customers trust online reviews almost 12 times more than the write ups on your website or marketing materials1.

While it’s clear that customer reviews are critical to your success, it can be hard to carve out time to ask customers to review your company and respond to what they post online. That’s where Thryv’s customer reviews software can help. By automatically asking customers to share their experience and notifying you when new reviews are posted, Thryv boosts your online review management capabilities and lets you maintain your business reputation with less effort.

5 ways to get more positive customer reviews

More is always better when it comes to customer reviews. Over 90% of people think reviews are important enough to help them make buying decisions2, and the more reviews you have, the more people are inclined to trust your business.

Building a comprehensive collection of reviews on sites like Google, Yelp and Facebook may seem daunting, but with a few tricks of the trade – and the right customer reviews software – you can get positive reviews more easily.

Ask at the right time
Ask for reviews whenever a customer has a positive experience with your company or because of it. Whether they are down a few pounds with help from your trainers or they love the new paint color on their house, their excitement in these moments will carry through in their review, making their words more powerful.

Make it easy
Automatically sending an email to customers after every service or every purchase takes the hassle out of asking for reviews. Including a direct link to review sites makes leaving a review easier for your customers.

Use your website
Publishing customer reviews on your website is a great way to increase sales.3 This also lets visitors to your website know that getting reviews is important to your business, making them more likely to leave a review of their own.

Respond to everyone
Responding promptly and personally to every review – positive or negative – is sure to impress existing clients as well as potential customers reading your reviews. Responding to negative reviews can help to win back dissatisfied customers and show prospects how much you care about customer service.

Go offline
Old-fashioned, offline tactics like posting signs at your business and giving your employees “We love feedback” buttons to wear can be helpful in soliciting more reviews. These low-key reminders help to keep the request for reviews top of mind with your customers.

Thryv: seriously powerful customer reviews software

Thryv’s online reputation management and customer reviews software is part of a do-it-all platform for managing small businesses more easily and efficiently. With Thryv, you get all the tools you need to nurture customer relationships, organize your work and keep the cash flowing.

Thryv’s customer reviews software helps you take control of your business reputation and land more five-star reviews from your customers.

Automate the ask
Thryv lets you automatically ask for reviews at the most opportune time – as you are completing appointments with clients, invoicing customers or processing their payments, for example. Pre-built templates make it easy to come up with the right words at the right time.

Get notified
When customers post reviews on top sites, Thryv will notify you instantly so you can see what customers are saying and respond quickly. When you don’t have the bandwidth to respond to reviews yourself, our online reputation management services can respond to reviews for you within one business day.

Track your competitors
With Thryv’s in-depth competitive analysis, you can see how you stack up in online reviews against four of your top competitors. Use these invaluable insights to carve out new ways to impress customers and to take advantage of their dissatisfaction with your competition.

Additional solutions on the Thryv platform

Along with customer reviews software, Thryv offers the best small business tools for managing nearly every aspect of your business.

  • Google Business Profile optimization services help you claim your Google Profile and optimize your listing to improve your search rankings and help customers find you more easily.
  • Online presence tools let you efficiently input information once and have it posted to 40+ trusted online listings sites, locking down your information in ways that give consumers and search engines more confidence in your business.
  • Social media capabilities make it easy to publish content to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter from one place, using pre-built posts when you need inspiration. Create and schedule content in advance and let Thryv post it at the times when it will get maximum visibility.
  • Online appointment scheduling technology lets your customers request or book their own appointments online, minimizing the time your staff needs to spend on the phone. Automated reminders help reduce no-shows.
  • Customer relationship management software lets you easily keep track of every customer and interaction, sending automated messages to nurture leads and create new opportunities.
  • Client portal solutions give customers a secure space to send messages, share documents, schedule appointments and make payments securely.
  • Customer communication tools allow you to stay in touch with customers via their preferred channel – email, text, social media and more – while keeping track of all communications from a single inbox.
  • Sales and payment technology lets you send interactive estimates, invoices and reminders for overdue payments while giving customers more ways to pay.
  • Marketing automation makes your efforts at promotion more efficient by automatically sending emails and text with the best message to each customer at the right time.
  • Document storage and sharing capabilities help you control paper clutter and securely request, store and share documents directly with your contacts.

Why customers choose Thryv

Tens of thousands of small business owners trust Thryv to stay organized and operate more efficiently. As a do-it-all, SaaS-based cloud platform, Thryv puts all the tools you need to run your business at your fingertips – from any location, on any device, at any time. A single login means you and your employees won’t spend the day bouncing between different solutions and logging in to multiple platforms over and over. Cutting-edge encryption and account access controls ensure that your business information is safe and that your customer’s data is always secure.

Thryv is the only software of its kind that provides unmatched, unlimited, 24/7 support. Our flexible training and hands-on onboarding ensure that you’ll get the most from your subscription starting on day one. And because you already have business tools and platforms you know and love, Thryv integrates easily with productivity solutions like QuickBooks, Gmail, WordPress, Zoom, PayPal, Stripe and many more.


Customer Reviews Software FAQs

Your customer reviews software questions, answered.

What is customer reviews software?

Customer reviews software helps business owners to solicit, monitor and respond to reviews posted online by customers. Superior customer reviews software will notify business owners instantly when new reviews are posted on top sites and help owners respond quickly to both positive and negative reviews.

What are the benefits of software for managing customer reviews?

Asking for, tracking and responding to customer reviews can be a time-consuming endeavor. The right customer reviews software can automate many aspects of these tasks, helping small business owners to improve their online reputation while allowing them to stay focused on the priority tasks of running their businesses.