Customer relationship software

Simplify communications with customer relationship software

Staying in touch with customers and making sure they’re happy are top priorities for every small business owner. However, with everything else on your mile-long list of things to do, managing customer communications can sometimes take a backseat to more pressing matters. The trouble is, if you’re not taking proper care of customers, those relationships – and your business – are bound to suffer.

That’s where customer relationship software can help. CRM software can automate all the little details you once did manually: checking to see if customers are satisfied, sending thank you notes and birthday greetings, and regularly reminding customers about the products and services you offer. With the right small business customer service software, you can personalize your interactions while minimizing your effort.

Thryv offers customer relationship software as part of a do-it-all platform for small business management. Thryv’s small business customer relationship management software lets you simplify client interactions by integrating CRM efforts with marketing automation, reputation management and customer communications.

Getting the most from your CRM system

While customer relationship software offers powerful benefits for small businesses, setting up and using a CRM properly takes a bit of planning. Here are a few tips on maximizing the value of your CRM software.

Identify your goals
Most customer relationship software comes with more features and capabilities than you probably need. To ensure you’re using your CRM most efficiently, it’s important to clearly identify what you want to get out of it. If you jump into CRM activities without any clear direction, you and your staff are likely to spend a lot of time spinning your wheels without real progress.

Involve your staff
If staff will be using your customer relationship software, you’ll want to get their input on the kind of CRM data they’ll find most helpful. It’s also crucial to get everyone up to speed on the technology before they start using it. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a lot of bad data, duplicate records and unnecessary errors that can complicate your efforts to connect with customers.

Keep it clean
The insights you get from your CRM are only as good as the information you put into it. That’s why it’s important to regularly merge duplicate records, fill out customer information completely, eliminate unnecessary details and delete customers who no longer want or respond to your messages.

Get comfortable with reports
CRM reports are the payoff for all your work keeping track of customers. Sales and revenue reports and campaign analytics can help you see where you’re doing well and where you can improve.

Customer relationship software from Thryv

Thryv is an end-to-end platform with cloud-based tools for managing and organizing nearly every area of your business. From managing your online listings and simplifying social media to automating marketing campaigns and reputation management, Thryv helps you work efficiently to get more done in less time.

Thryv’s customer relationship software delivers all the tools you need to improve customer relationships, retention and satisfaction.

A centralized database
Thryv keeps data for all your contacts and customers in one place, providing a central database of details that makes customer information available to all the other technology you rely on. Custom fields let you decide how you want to tag, track and filter your contacts, making it easy to find the information you need.

Automated communications
Thryv’s customer relationship software lets you engage and nurture leads and opportunities more effectively. Set up automatic campaigns to send appointment reminders, marketing messages, personalized promotions and post-purchase follow-ups to build stronger relationships with every customer.

An online, self-service portal
Thryv’s online portal give customers the self-service options they want. After logging in to a secure space online, customers can send messages, share documents, make payments, schedule appointments and communicate with your business more easily.

Data enrichment
Thryv’s automatic data enrichment technology searches the internet for public information about your contacts and adds details from social profiles, photos and other sources to your customer records. By providing a fuller picture of your contacts, Thryv enables you to offer better customer service.

Do-it-all solutions for small business management

Along with customer relationship software, Thryv offers many additional tools for managing the day-to-day activities of your business.

  • Scheduling software for small business gives your customers the ability to go online anytime to request or book appointments at their convenience.
  • Online presence management software lets you claim and manage your Google Business Profile and sync business info across 40+ additional business listing sites, allowing customers to find you more easily and improving search engine rankings.
  • Customer relationship management software consolidates your contact lists and lets you engage and nurture customers and prospects more successfully.
  • Customer communication tools allow you to manage every customer conversation from one inbox and view messages in client-specific threads while communicating with customers on their preferred channel – email, text, social and others.
  • Social media software connects your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, enabling you to publish content from one place. Schedule social media content in advance and use pre-written templates to deliver a steady stream of social content.
  • Payment processing technology allows you to issue estimates and invoices from the field. Automate payment reminders and accept various digital payments so you can get paid faster.
  • Marketing automation tools let you deliver trigger-based marketing campaigns and one-off emails that send the best message to each customer at the right time.
  • Document storage and sharing technology minimizes paper clutter by letting you share files securely online and collaboratively edit documents while never losing track of the most recent version.
  • Thryv’s small business website services can design or show you how to build a business website with compelling calls-to-action. Thryv’s websites are optimized to deliver maximum visibility with search engines.

Why customers choose Thryv

Tens of thousands of small business owners choose Thryv to organize their work and manage daily business operations more efficiently. From CRM for law firms and scheduling software for salons to invoicing solutions for home repair companies, Thryv provides comprehensive tools for managing virtually every area of any small business. Whether you’re looking to find more customers, organize your workday, generate more cash flow or secure your online reputation, Thryv delivers the tools you need in one simple package that integrates easily with the technology you already use.

Along with customer relationship software, Thryv offers a free mobile app that lets you take your Thryv software everywhere you go. No other small business management platform provides the kind of unlimited, 24/7 support you’ll find with Thryv, where you can always access customer support specialists with both small business savvy and technical know-how. Thryv also offers many free tools, including a payment savings calculator, an invoice template, a review link generator, an online experience scan and much more.

Customer relationship software FAQs

Your customer relationship software questions, answered.

What is customer relationship software?

Customer relationship management (CRM) software helps businesses to manage relationships with prospects and customers. CRM systems track customer information such as interactions, purchase history, preferences, and other details that can help businesses to better understand who their customers are and what they want.

What is customer management software for small business?

While many CRM systems are highly complicated and must be managed by teams of specialist, CRM software for small business is designed to be used by individual employees without special training or knowledge. Small business customer relationship software is usually a cloud-based offering that eliminates the need for small business owners and their employees to install, manage or update software and hardware.