Scheduling Software Small Business

The benefits of scheduling software for small business

If your business still relies on the telephone to book appointments, you’re missing out on the enormous benefits of automated scheduling software for appointments. Rather than only setting appointments via phone during business hours, scheduling software for small business lets you provide customers with a link where they can go online 24/7 to view your schedule and book appointments at the most convenient time for them. Superior solutions will also synchronize calendars between your team members, automate text and email reminders for customers, and allow you to accept payment as appointments are booked to improve your cash flow. Ultimately, scheduling software for small business streamlines the process of managing your calendar while delivering more convenience for customers and freeing up time for you and your staff.

When you’re ready to take advantage of all the benefits of an automated scheduling solution, Thryv can help. Our do-it-all business management platform includes easy-to-use scheduling software for small business owners that will help to keep your schedule filled while impressing clients with your commitment to customer service.

What to look for in scheduling software

When choosing appointment booking software, look for these essential features as you compare products.

  • Quick configuration. The best scheduling software for small business is usually a cloud-based offering that lets you set up your service quickly and easily. From syncing calendars for all your team members to adding calendar widgets to websites and social media accounts, the best software will let you easily configure your service so you can start booking appointments immediately.
  • Easy customization. The right software should let you customize the types of appointments, services, prices and locations you will offer your customers.
  • Confirmations and reminders. Superior scheduling software for small business automates the process of confirming bookings and reminding customers via email or text about upcoming appointments. This feature can significantly minimize your staff’s time spent managing calendars while reducing no-shows and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Packages, classes and events. Scheduling software can improve revenue by making it easy to book recurring appointments, to sell packages of services or to offer events and classes.
  • Payment options. Many scheduling apps offer the option to collect payment at time of booking, which can accelerate your cash flow and reduce the likelihood that a customer won’t show up.
  • Requests for reviews. One highly effective way to generate more reviews is to ask repeat customers to review previous interactions when booking their next appointment. Quality scheduling software for small business can automate this process.

Scheduling software for small business from Thryv

Thryv offers an end-to-end platform that provides solutions for managing nearly every aspect of your small business. From social media and marketing to invoicing and online payment methods for small business, Thryv delivers all the tools you need to find customers, organize your workload, get paid faster and build your business reputation online.

Thryv’s scheduling software for small business delivers all the tools, features and capabilities you need to book more appointments with less effort.

  • Schedule anytime. Let your customers go online anytime, 24/7, to book appointments or request times that are convenient for them. With Thryv, your online schedule is accessible via any device – smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.
  • Customizable offerings. Thryv lets you set up your calendar exactly how you want, with customizable options for appointment durations, locations of service, hours of operation, available times, staff members and more. You choose whether customers can book automatically or make requests that you accept or turn down later.
  • Synchronized calendars. With Thryv, you can easily manage schedules for your entire team, synchronizing multiple staff accounts and sharing calendars on the Thryv platform.
  • Classes and events. Group offerings like classes or events can drive repeat visits and greater revenue. Thryv lets you easily manage the details of scheduling, registration, payment and communication with customers for both public and private events.
  • Packages of services. Selling packages of services encourages repeat business from customers and generates recurring revenue. Thryv makes it easy for you and your customers to track packages and schedule recurring services online.
  • Automated reminders. With Thryv’s scheduling software for small business, you can automate confirmations and reminders to save time while preventing no-shows.
  • In-app payments. Accepting payment at the time of booking discourages no-shows while accelerating your cash flow.

Promoting your scheduling software to customers

When setting up Thryv’s appointment booking app, you’ll want to find as many ways as possible to let your customers know about this new service and remind them to use it as often as possible. Here are a few tips for promoting your online scheduling capabilities.

  • Update your voicemail greeting. After thanking customers for calling, remind them that they can schedule appointments online 24/7 and provide the web address or social media page where they can access your schedule.
  • Include reminders in all client communications. Every invoice, automated email and monthly newsletter should remind customers that they can book online anytime they want. Sending a “Thank you” email and text immediately after each visit with a reminder to book the next appointment can help to keep your schedule full.
  • Place calls to action (CTAs) on every page of your website. Include a “Book Online” button on each page of your website so customers can schedule an appointment anytime they are inclined to do so. Alternate the text in your CTAs – for example, “Schedule An Appointment Now” or “Book Your Spot” – to see which see which approach produces more clicks.
  • Update your online business listings. On listings sites like Google, Yahoo and Bing, be sure to mention that clients can book online 24/7 and include a “Book Now” button on sites that allow it.
  • Use your social media accounts. Include a link to your schedule on every social media platform that permits it.

Why choose Thryv?

Thousands of small business owners turn to Thryv for the tools they need to simplify business management. From scheduling software for HVAC companies to invoicing software for wedding planners and text software for business consultants, Thryv delivers the capabilities small business owners need to organize their work and manage their business more efficiently.

As a do-it-all platform, Thryv lets small businesses avoid the pitfalls of deploying a collection of point solutions that require users to toggle back and forth all day between different applications and platforms. With Thryv, data entered in one application and will be immediately available in every other tool. You can use Thryv anywhere, on any device – smart phones, laptops, tablets and desktops. With unlimited customer service available 24/7, you can quickly resolve issues or get answers to your questions. Cutting edge encryption and custom access controls ensure that your data and your customers’ information is well protected.

Scheduling Software Small Business FAQs

Your scheduling software small business questions, answered.

What is online scheduling software for small business?

Online scheduling software for small business allows customers to go online anytime to book or request appointments, rather than needing to schedule appointments by phone.

What are the advantages of online scheduling software for small business?

Online scheduling software minimizes the time employees need to spend on the phone scheduling appointments or returning customer calls. Because many customers appreciate the freedom to schedule appointments online on their own time, online scheduling software can help businesses gain an edge over their competitors. In addition, software that offers automated email and text reminders can help to reduce no-shows.