CRM tools for small business

Nurture customers with CRM tools for small business

Building a base of happy, loyal customers is the goal of every business owner, and superior CRM tools for small business can help. Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions consolidate customer data and automate the tasks of building and nurturing customer relationships. With the right CRM software solutions, you can impress and delight customers by understanding their needs, remembering their preferences and reaching them at the right time with personalized communications.

Thryv offers CRM tools for small business as part of an end-to-end business management platform. With Thryv, you can maximize the value of customer relationships while minimizing time and effort required from you and your staff.

How CRM tools help build your audience

Automated CRM solutions for small business provide the tools to master the art of nurturing customer relationships.

Define what your customers want
CRM tools help small businesses analyze what customers have purchased in the past and what might be important to them now and in the future. By understanding and analyzing customer behavior, you can group customers into targeted segments, allowing you to customize messaging for their interests and deliver offers that increase sales.

Demonstrate a commitment to customer service
CRM tools for small business consolidate all your customer information in one place so you can explore and analyze behavior and preferences. With a single database of data, it’s easier to understand how to improve satisfaction for each customer and segment, helping you deliver exceptional experiences and superior customer service.

Encourage repeat visits
CRM tools build greater loyalty with customers by doing the little things that have a big impact. For example, a CRM system can send automated reminders for upcoming appointments, greetings for birthdays and anniversaries or weekly specials based on each customer’s interests.

Refine your marketing efforts
CRM tools for small business automatically track customer interactions and results so you can see the effectiveness of each communication or campaign. By testing different messages, promotions, and offers and timing with each communication, it’s easy to continually improve your marketing efforts to deliver more of what customers want.

Streamline communication
Superior CRM tools combine all your interactions with each customer in one place. Rather than searching for customer information in various emails, purchase records, voicemails and spreadsheets, you get a customer’s complete history of transactions and communications at your fingertips. With a 360° view of the customer, you can make smarter decisions that increase their satisfaction and enhance their loyalty.

CRM tools for small business from Thryv

Thryv is a do-it-all platform for managing small businesses that offers tools for streamlining communication, running your business more efficiently and growing your customer base. From marketing automation and reputation management to invoicing, appointment scheduling and communication, Thryv simplifies nearly every aspect of managing your business.

Thryv’s CRM tools for small business are connected to all the other software on the Thryv platform, integrating customer information from appointments, invoices, payments, conversations and uploaded documents. With Thryv’s customer management software, you can:

  • Customize customer fields for your type of business and the way you work.
  • View conversations, appointment bookings, documents, payments, notes, marketing campaigns and customer history at a glance.
  • Store important information like birthdays, children’s names, pets or the anniversary of each customer’s first purchase.
  • Find, filter, tag and track your contacts in ways that make sense for you.
  • Send automatic follow-ups to thank customers after each sale or visit.
  • Nurture relationships with drip campaigns that keep your business top of mind and move customers through your sales funnel.
  • Give customers a secure portal where they can log in to view their account information, send messages, upload and download documents, schedule appointments, make payments, communicate with staff and perform other self-service activities.
  • Build your knowledge of each customer with automatic data enrichment features that search the internet and gather public information about contacts from social profiles, photos and more.

Thryv: a comprehensive platform for business management

Along with CRM tools for small business, Thryv offers comprehensive solutions that solve challenges in nearly area of running a company.

Centralize communications with Thryv Command Center
Capture every conversation in one place and never miss a message with a centralized inbox for all communications.

  • Get a single inbox that consolidates conversations and messages from 12+ channels – email, phone, text, social and more.
  • View a complete communication history for each client in one thread.
  • Get one business number for voice and video calls.
  • View voicemail transcriptions in your central inbox so you find and reference information more easily.
  • Communicate easily and keep your employees up to date with TeamChat.

Streamline operations with Thryv Business Center
Spend less time on routine work and more time doing work you love.

  • Create and send invoices online in just a few clicks.
  • Monitor reviews and respond quickly to customer comments online.
  • Give customers more ways to pay with digital payments.
  • Automatically send email and text messages to the right person at the right time with marketing automation services.
  • Store, collaborate on and sign documents more easily with document sharing software.
  • Let customers book their own appointments online with automated appointment scheduling tools.
  • Manage multiple social media accounts from one place.

Grow your business with Thryv Marketing Center
Manage your marketing for growth while working from a single dashboard.

  • Create smart campaigns on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo Display and other channels.
  • Enhance your online presence by optimizing your Google Business Profile and other local listings.
  • Improve marketing efforts with real-time analytics and AI-powered recommendations.
  • Promote your brand with a mobile-friendly website.
  • Create social media posts in minutes with easy-to-use templates.
  • Create landing pages for paid ads in minutes.

Why customers choose Thryv

Thryv delivers essential features and capabilities on a cloud-based platform.

  • Comprehensive solution. Thryv packages all the tools your small business needs in one easy-to-use platform accessible via a single login, so you can stop logging in to multiple applications over and over. With Thryv’s integrated software, you’ll never have to worry about getting all your technologies to share data.
  • Mobile access. Thryv lets you access the productivity tools you need – whenever and wherever you need them – via a smart phone, laptop, tablet or desktop.
  • Unmatched support and service. Thryv offers unlimited 24/7 support from small business experts who have both technical know-how and business savvy. Flexible training and hands-on onboarding ensure you and your team can maximize the value of your subscription.
  • Advanced security. Cutting-edge data encryption and customizable account access controls ensure the safety and security of your data and your customers’ information.
  • Effortless integration. Thryv integrates seamlessly with the software you already know – Gmail, QuickBooks, PayPal, Yext and others – so you can keep using what’s working as you get up to speed with Thryv.

CRM tools for small business FAQs

Your CRM tools for small business questions, answered.

What are CRM tools for small business?

In small business, customer relationship management tools, or CRM tools, automate and streamline the process of collecting, tracking and organizing customer data. CRM tools consolidate data from contact information, purchase histories, preferences, personal information, marketing campaigns and other interactions.

What are the benefits of CRM tools for small business?

CRM systems help small businesses improve relationships with customers by automating tasks and segmenting audiences more narrowly to enable more personalized and targeted communications. By automating tasks, CRM tools for small business help owners and teams work more efficiently while communication with customers more consistently.