CRM for law firms

Nurture clients with CRM for law firms

Satisfying clients is the number one priority for small legal practices. Happy clients lead to more referrals, fewer write-downs, better cash flow and a growing caseload. However, with all the pressure to win cases, maximize billable hours and produce error-free legal documents, the task of nurturing clients can sometimes get short shrift.

That’s where the right customer relationship management (CRM) software can help. By automating much of the work of managing records, taking notes, tracking details and communicating regularly via text and email, CRM for law firms improves client relationships while letting your attorneys and admins stay focused on actual legal work.

As an end-to-end solution for managing small businesses and legal practices, Thryv offers a technology for CRM for law firms that helps to maximize the value of every client relationship while minimizing the routine tasks of communication.

Benefits of a CRM for legal practices

A superior CRM system delivers a wealth of advantages for smaller law firms.

Stronger pipeline
With an automated CRM for law firms, you can easily deliver the steady stream of communications required to move prospects through your sales funnel and turn leads into clients.

Centralized management
With a centralized database of client information, CRM for law firms keeps client information organized and minimizes the number of redundant tasks that lawyers and admins must perform.

Easier communication
A CRM system enables clear, consistent communication with clients, tracking all client interactions from a single inbox.

Higher productivity
The right CRM for law firms will integrate easily with tools for scheduling, communication and invoicing to allow your administrative team to work with greater efficiency.

Anywhere access
With a solution that offers mobile access, your attorneys and admins can manage CRM tasks while away from the office or at client meetings.

Personalized communication
A CRM system will automatically personalize communications with clients and prospects, incorporating important details about their accounts.

Better client relationships
By helping you stay in touch and deliver a better business experience, CRM systems improve relationships with your clients.

CRM for law firms from Thryv

Thryv is a do-it-all platform that can help to organize and manage nearly every aspect of your practice. From marketing automation and social media tools to billing software for lawyers, Thryv helps smaller legal firms stay organized and work more efficiently.

Thryv’s customer management software for small business is ideally suited to the needs of law firms and solo practitioners. Implementing Thryv’s CRM can streamline processes, improve time management, reduce stress, increase billing accuracy and minimize non-billable hours.

Track client information more efficiently
Thryv lets you easily store and organize client data and case files, managing all client records and communications from one location. From a single inbox, you can communicate safely and securely via text and email. Connect client files, documents, payments and notes, and tag and filter client information with notes that are visible only to authorized personnel.

Share information easily and securely
Thryv’s online portal provides clients with a safe and secure way to upload and download documents, communicate with attorneys and admins, schedule appointments, view invoices and make payments. Self-service options allow clients to access the information they need quickly without needing to connect with a member of your staff.

Automate client communication
Thryv’s CRM for law firms simplifies client communication, allowing you to set up campaigns that automatically send the best message to each client at the right time. By sending automated appointment reminders, payment reminders, satisfaction surveys, and personalized messages, you can improve client satisfaction and retention while minimizing effort for your staff.

What else can you do with Thryv?

In addition to CRM for law firms, Thryv offers a wealth of additional tools that can benefit smaller legal practices and solo practitioners.

  • Online scheduling software synchronizes calendars for your entire team and lets clients request appointments at times that work best for them.
  • Customer communication tools let you interact with clients on their preferred channel – email, text social media and more – while tracking all conversations in one inbox.
  • Document storage software eliminates paper clutter while streamlining and simplifying file storage and sharing. With Thryv, attorneys and admins can securely share files with colleagues and clients, edit and sign documents online and keep track of the most recent versions.
  • Online presence solutions automatically upload and sync your business info to 40+ listing sites – including Google Business Profile – to improve your credibility with search engines and allow customers to find you more easily online.
  • Social media software connects your accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, so you can create and post content from one location.
  • Sales and payment solutions allow you to send interactive invoices online, helping you to get paid faster and giving clients more ways to pay.
  • Reputation management services automatically request reviews from clients at the right time, monitor comments online and help you respond quickly to build and protect your reputation.

Why Thryv?

For tens of thousands of small business owners, Thryv provides an end-to-end solution that simplifies the day-to-day tasks of running a small business. With Thryv, you can manage everything from a single dashboard, accessing all the tools you need throughout the day without needing to log in to multiple applications. As a cloud-based solution, Thryv is available from any location on any device, enabling you and your employees to stay productive everywhere.

Thryv’s highly secure solutions ensure that business information and customer data are protected from theft, leaks and loss. Thryv integrates easily with the software you already use, including popular platforms like QuickBooks, WordPress, PayPal, Stripe, Gmail, Zoom and many more. With Thryv, you can always count on unlimited support 24/7 from live experts who possess both technical know-how and business expertise.

CRM for law firms FAQs

Your CRM for law firms questions, answered.

What is CRM for law firms?

Software for customer relationship management, or CRM, can help law firms to nurture relationships with leads and customers in order to build a stronger client base and increase revenue.

What’s the benefit of CRM for legal practices?

CRM systems automate many of the tasks involved in managing regular communication with prospects and customers. CRM for law firms can track details of client relationships, enabling legal practices to provide more personal service and communication. Superior small business CRM software can also serve as a central database for information, feeding client details to other systems such as scheduling and billing software for attorneys.