Appointment scheduling solution

Drive more business with an appointment booking services

When your business depends on customer appointments, keeping your calendar full is the key to turning a profit and maintaining cash flow. However, booking appointments by answering the phone all day long can consume a big part of your day, keeping you from actually getting work done.

An automated appointment booking services offers a better way to manage your calendar.
Appointment scheduling software
lets customers go online anytime day or night to access your calendar, view your availability, and schedule an appointment at a time that works best for them. Customers love this convenience, and you and your team will love how much time this technology can save.

When you’re considering an appointment scheduling platform, take a look at everything Thryv has to offer. As a do-it-all platform for managing small businesses, Thryv delivers an appointment booking services that can boost your efficiency, increase your revenue and delight your customers.

Advantages of automated, online booking

With an appointment booking services that automates appointment booking, you can realize several key business benefits.

  • Improved efficiency. When customers book or request appointments online at their convenience, it frees you and your staff from the tedious, time-consuming task of answering the phone, listening to voicemails, and playing phone tag with customers. As a result, you’ll have more time in the day to get work done.
  • Fewer no-shows. You can cut down on no-shows and last-minute cancellations by letting customers choose their appointments based on their own availability and schedules. Automated appointment reminders also help ensure that customers won’t forget about the appointment they’ve booked.
  • Fuller calendar. Lots of customers wait until after business hours to schedule appointments with service-based businesses. That means you may lose their business if you’re not answering the phone after hours. An online appointment booking services lets you capture their business by allowing customers to book or schedule appointments 24/7.
  • Greater competitiveness. Fewer than 1 in 4 service-based businesses use an online appointment booking service.i By giving your customers the opportunity to book online, you can offer more value than your competitors.
  • Stronger cash flow. A superior appointment booking services will allow you to accept payment at the time of booking. This feature offers customers more convenience while helping to improve your cash flow.

An appointment booking services from Thryv

Thryv delivers tools, technology and automation to help small business owners simplify operations, communicate with clients and grow the business. With dozens of customizations for different industries and a fully mobile interface, Thryv gives smaller companies access to the kind of technology usually reserved for big business.

Thryv’s booking software for small business eliminates the hassle of scheduling appointments while impressing your customers with greater convenience and ease. Your customers can go online anytime to request or book appointments – Thryv’s scheduling solution software will automatically synchronize your calendar so you’re never overbooked.

Convenient scheduling
Thryv’s appointment booking services lets customers book appointments on any internet-connected device including mobile phones, tablets, laptops or desktops.

Complete control of your calendar
Thryv lets you set up your calendar with custom business hours, locations, appointment durations, and availability of multiple staff members. You can choose whether to allow customers to automatically book time or to request appointments that you can approve or decline.

Automated reminders and confirmations
Once a customer books an appointment, they’ll receive an automatic confirmation by text and/or email along with automated reminders as their appointment nears. This handy feature saves you and your staff tons of time while reducing no-shows.

Simple synchronization
Thryv automatically syncs and shares calendars for your entire team. You choose how much control to give each employee over their own calendar, clients and services.

Packages, classes and events
To generate more revenue, Thryv makes it easy offer packages of services or to book multiple visits. You can also set up classes and events on the Thryv platform that generate more sales and nurture customer relationships. Thryv makes it easy to handle registration, communication and payment in one place.

How to generate more appointments

When you have more openings in your calendar than you want, try these proven tactics to drive more customers to your online appointment booking services.

  • Create a sense of urgency. Many customers will book appointments less than one day in advance. To capitalize on this fact, create marketing emails and social media posts that have a sense of urgency. Language like “Just one spot left this week!” helps nudge undecided customers into action.
  • Send automated follow-ups. Set up automated communications on Thryv to generate a message immediately after a customer has completed an appointment, reminding them to schedule their next appointment early. A text or email shortly before a customer would normally return for a repeat visit can also help keep your schedule full.
  • Remind customers of your availability. The easiest way to fill your calendar is to let customers know that you have appointments available. Emails and posts that remind customers how to book an appointment online will keep your business top of mind and generate more bookings.
  • Offer limited-time discounts. Offering a discount or a benefit for customers who book an appointment within a certain period of time can also help generate appointments with busy customers who need something special to help them take action.

Why Thryv?

Thryv provides a comprehensive collection of software and easy-to-use tools for managing small businesses more successfully. From invoice and estimate software to solutions for automated marketing, reputation management and building a small business website, Thryv offers everything small business owners need on a single platform with a single login.

    With Thryv, small businesses can:

  • Use business tools anywhere. As a cloud-based platform, Thryv can be accessed on any device from any location, any time.
  • Access unlimited support. Thryv offers 24/7 unlimited support from business specialists who have both technical know-how and small business savvy.
  • Continue using familiar tools. Thryv integrates easily with QuickBooks, PayPal, Gmail, Square and dozens of other popular productivity tools.
  • Keep data safe. Cutting edge data encryption and customizable account access controls ensure that customer information and business data stay safe and secure.


Appointment scheduling solution FAQs

Your appointment scheduling solution questions, answered.

What is an automated appointment scheduling solution?

In small business, an automated appointment scheduling solution lets customers go online to book or request appointments at their leisure, rather than requesting appointments by telephone or by leaving voicemails.

What are the benefits of online appointment scheduling solutions?

Appointment scheduling software allows small business owners and their employees to spend less time answering the phone, listening to voicemails, and returning calls to customers. The convenience of booking appointments online improves the customer experience and builds greater customer loyalty. Software that also includes automated reminders can help small businesses cut down on no-shows and last-minute cancellations.