When it comes to SEO, Google is king. They decide which businesses get shown and which are harder to find online.

One of the biggest factors in your local SEO is online ratings and reviews.

Here’s what Google wants to see from your online reviews.

A lot (like, a LOT) of online reviews.

When Google delivers search results, they want to know they’re recommending a business consumers can trust. They want to see lots, and lots, of reviews. They even want to see them posted regularly throughout the year.

Not sure how to generate more reviews online?

Specific details in your online reviews.

It’s not enough to have tons of 5-star reviews. Vague reviews without details make Google trust you less, because they assume the reviews are fake or even bought.

When you ask for a review, have customers identify 1 or 2 specific things your team did that stood out.

For business owners to respond, and often.

Google uses reviews to decide if your business provides good customer service. Part of that is how regularly you respond.

Come up with some templates for responding to reviews both good and bad. Responding often earns trust with consumers too.