78% of U.S. consumers say texting is the fastest way to reach them for business updates and purchases. But not all text messages are created equal. How would you feel if your texting etiquette turned clients off?

Here are our top tips to keep your business texts polite and professional.

Always get permission.

Whether you have a formal text messaging service (with a marketing short code) or not, the rules are the rules. Ask clients for permission to use their phone number for business texts.

And, ensure clients can opt out whenever they choose.

Watch the clock.

Do you work until the wee hours of the morning? Most of your clients don’t want to hear from you that late.

Only send texts during “normal” business hours, between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. …(ish). BUT, if clients text you first, you can bend the rules if it seems appropriate.

Keep it professional.

Even if you have great relationships, texting doesn’t give you the right to treat clients like your buddies.

  • Always double-check the recipient.
  • Forgo acronyms and texting shorthand.
  • Proofread for spelling errors and fat finger typos.

Remember, you’re still representing your business.