Attracting great talent for your business is crucial for customer experience success. Offering personal leave and fruit baskets at work may be enticing for some. However, it may not be enough to attract that top-tier talent you’re looking for.

So how do you stand out as an employer of choice and offer employee benefits like none other? We have you covered with a few ideas to help you think outside of the box.

Allow Pets

Since a wave of pet adoption occurred during last year’s lockdown, most pets may not be used to being alone.

Allowing workers to bring their pets into work (assuming your workplace is suitable for them) will help them feel more at ease. They’ll also be able to focus more, without having to worry about leaving a distressed pet at home alone.

Not to mention the fact that bringing furry friends to work with you lifts everyone’s spirits, too. You may just be improving the quality of the workplace for everyone.

Help with Professional Training

Providing free or subsidized professional training for your staff is also a big drawcard, as you’re helping to set them up for their future.

Consider providing upskilling that may not be related to their job directly. While this may seem counter-intuitive, you’re investing in your employees’ future and reducing the high cost of staff turnover.

An alternative is to help pay their student loans (or HECS in Australia). Consider this during the interview when offering a package, and it will go a long way to solidifying top talent.

Stand Out with Employee Perks

Loyalty programs aren’t just for your customers. Offering a loyalty or rewards program to your employees is a great benefit as well.

Much like a customer loyalty program, an employee rewards program offers perks such as discounts, vouchers, merchandise or even extra personal leave.

Consider ID Theft Protection

Here’s one not many people think of when they think of employee perks, but one that is already being offered by over 50% of companies.

Identity Theft Protection is a quickly-growing benefit that helps save your employees time and focus, keeping them on the job.

Offering to pay for your employees’ ID theft protection is also tax-free fringe benefit. That’s a win-win for your business.

Whichever way you choose to attract greater talent into your workforce, approach each employee’s case individually.

For example, an employee perk scheme might be good for everyone, but not everyone might be comfortable with pets in the workplace, so plan accordingly.