At Thryv, we’re always looking for ways to improve our platform, so small businesses can provide a full end-to-end customer experience that makes work easier and makes them easier to work with.

We constantly seek to develop new functionality that provides solutions to real problems, while saving you time and money.

We’re excited to announce ThryvPay, the only payment provider designed specifically for service-based small businesses. This new feature provides credit card and ACH payment options that add convenience, ensure confidence and deliver transparency for day-to-day transactions.

With ThryvPay, every day is payday.

Adding Convenience

Our developers built ThryvPay with service-based small businesses in mind. You need to be able to offer your customers convenient payment options. In fact, studies show 73% of customers are more likely to pay on time if they can pay you instantly online. Here’s how ThryvPay helps:

  • No more need to collect hand-written checks. ACH digital check processing allows consumers contact-free, faster ways to pay.
  • Credit card and bank account info on file for secure, automated payments.
  • Scheduled payments, recurring memberships and installment plans, which minimize late payments and build customer loyalty.
  • Customers can leave you a tip for a job well done.

Ensuring Confidence

In small business, we know that every dollar counts, and you cannot wait to get paid, or worse, have checks bounced back due to insufficient funds.

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Often, payment services do not provide an ACH (checking account) option because 1) it takes too long to process, and 2) they can’t prove the customer’s funds are available. With ThryvPay, we’ve changed all that and more. Here’s how:

  • ThryvPay users know in real-time if funds are available. No more guessing if that check is going to clear.
  • ThryvPay offers more payment scheduling options, so your customers can choose to pay every day, week or month – or set up a custom payment schedule you both agree upon.
  • You can auto-sync ThryvPay to QuickBooks for easy reconciliation.
  • With 24-7 support and industry-leading dispute assistance, our support team will help you minimize hassle, while saving time and money.

Delivering Transparency

Here’s another way ThryvPay really stands apart from other payment processing services. With ThryvPay, you always know what your transaction fees will be, because we tell you up-front:

  • For credit cards, ThryvPay users pay a flat rate: 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction, so you always know your processing costs.
  • ACH fees: 1% per transaction with a $9 maximum, making it an ideal option for larger payments.
  • To offset costs, you can easily pass through optional convenience fees to your customers who pay with credit card.
  • Receive real-time, detailed reporting of all fees and payment status.

With no hidden fees, more customer options and the power in knowing when and how you’ll get paid, ThryvPay is the solution for service-based small business.

If you’re a current Thryv user, getting started with ThryvPay is quick and easy. Visit for step-by-step instructions.

Want to learn how ThryvPay can help you save thousands of dollars each year? Use our Calculator to compare ThryvPay to your current payment solution.

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