When Thryv first went public in October 2020, it was in the midst of the pandemic, so the Thryv Nasdaq bell ringing ceremony was held virtually.

It was a great celebration for our team. However, it didn’t come close to the festivities in Times Square last week.

On the heels of a successful Investor Day, Thryv Chairman and CEO Joe Walsh took to the podium with two special guests.

Thryv users Wyder Tutiven of L.I. Sprinter Guy and Debbie Hauser of Pure Symmetry Wellness joined Walsh, along with other Thryv leaders and team members, to ring the opening bell on Wednesday, April 6.

The occasion was marked by announcements for future product launches. It was also a moment of reflection on how far the entire team has come since introducing the software platform just six years ago.

“It’s really all about the Thryv employees,” Walsh says. “They are so passionate and so devoted to the mission of helping local businesses modernize their business. It’s a cause. We’re on this quest together.”

Watch the video for highlights:

Investor Day Announcements

During Investor Day, the Thryv team demonstrated the software platform, and Chief Product Officer Ryan Cantor detailed the upcoming launch of the platform’s Marketing Center. With Marketing Center, Thryv users can run smarter, more flexible ad campaigns and get next-level results.

It’s a significant product launch, coming after 100+ product enhancements and launches in 2021. The team has continually improved the platform to solve real and relatable problems small businesses deal with day in and day out, Cantor says.

“Thousands of small businesses are signing up for Thryv every month,” Cantor says. “And it’s now a momentum that builds upon itself month over month and year over year. It’s going to be full steam ahead with a lot of excitement to come.”

The leadership team also announced the ambitious goal of $1 billion in software revenue by 2027 and $4 billion by 2032.

What Thryv Users Are Saying

Wyder Tutiven of LI Sprinter Guy says the team at Thryv feels like a part of the family. “They’re always there for me, no matter what time of day,” he says. “I appreciate that type of support.”

Tutiven’s transportation services business benefits by keeping every detail in one place. “Before that, it was so hard to manage,” he says. “Simplifying everything in-house has been a lifesaver.”

Debbie Hauser of Pure Symmetry Wellness says Thryv allows her more time to focus on her clients.

“It’s all done for me — it’s like having a personal assistant,” says Hauser, who is a board-certified mind-body health coach, focusing on helping her clients relieve stress and anxiety. “Now I can really put my focus where I need to, and that’s on people’s health.”

To learn more about Thryv’s announcements, visit our news page.