OK, we may be blushing a little over here, with the recently released G2 Crowd Summer 2020 Awards. We’re thrilled that G2 Crowd has named Thryv software a Leader, according to verified reviews, across nine categories that impact small businesses.

And while we love winning, we love satisfied customers even more. G2 determines Leaders solely based on validated users from confirmed businesses. G2 pairs user reviews with their sentiment and commentary about the software.

Because Thryv provides a multitude of capabilities, such as CRM, marketing automation, payments, online scheduling, social media management and more, G2 ranked the software as a Leader across multiple key categories.

So what we’re saying is …

… you really, really like us! In fact, Thryv users specifically helped us achieve Leader awards in these small business categories: Overall Small Business Software, Easiest Admin, Best Support and Easiest Set Up.

Additionally, Thryv also earned Leader status* in these categories:

  • CRM: Thryv soared 39 positions higher than last season into leader status for Small Business CRM.
  • Online Reputation Management: Thryv launched this service in 2019, and ranked in the Top 5 this season.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Thryv moved into the Top 5 in this category for small businesses.
  • Social Media Management: Thryv is now a Top 10 Leader for small businesses that want a social media solution.
  • Marketing Automation: Thryv entered this category for the first time and landed as Leader #12 among 89 competitors.

Thryv is also ranked as a Leader in other key areas that impact small business, such as Payment Gateways, Local Marketing and Local Listings Management.

“While many of our competitors focus on marketing a single-point solution, such as email or CRM only, Thryv provides a do-it-all solution that simplifies and centralizes the functionality that any small business will need,” said Ryan Cantor, Thryv VP of Product & Marketing. “We understand that with more functionality inherently comes more challenges in continuing to deliver an exceptional customer experience across all facets of our software.”

Want to learn more about what customers are saying about us? Visit our G2 profile.

*G2 categorizes software platforms into four buckets:

  • Leaders receive the best scores for high customer service and high market presence
  • High performers rank high in customer satisfaction, but low in market presence
  • Contenders score high in market presence, but low in customer satisfaction
  • Niche rankings are low in both dynamics