This week, we announced that Thryv is now integrated with Gmail email service. Bringing these tools together allows business owners to work from their Gmail account while accessing all of their Thryv client information on one screen.

We know that many small business owners practically live in their email inboxes. In fact, 1.8 billion people use Gmail email service, and millions of them are small businesses, just like you. So we wanted to make it easier for you to communicate with access to all the information you need at your fingertips.

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Keep Customer Info Handy

Here’s how it works: If you are answering emails through your Gmail inbox, you’ll be able to see all of your clients’ past, present and future information, such as upcoming appointments, payments, contact information and more on one screen.

Your Thryv information loads in the righthand rail of your email inbox. (Current Thryv users: Check out this Knowledge Center article for step-by-step instructions for adding the Gmail app to Thryv.)

Thryv Gmail integrationImagine not having to open multiple tabs, but seeing everything at a glance. You can easily add payment information, an appointment reminder or even wish your customer a happy birthday without having to scour for any of that information.

Adding client information from Gmail to Thryv is as simple as a click. This saves time on duplicate data entry and helps you avoid errors, so you have one source of truth for your client information.

“It is a really useful tool,” says Michael Lynn, owner of 3D Print Everything in Fort Worth, Texas. “We will use this a lot. This streamlines adding clients into Thryv. It’s literally taking clicks, probably 5 to 10 clicks, out of the process.”

You’re a Pro. Look the Part!

Another benefit of the Thryv Gmail email service integration is the ability to access a professional domain-based Gmail account. So instead of using [email protected], the account would become [email protected]. (Websites are not required to use a customized email extension.)

Small businesses that rely on Gmail will get an immediate facelift and more professional appearance every time they communicate with their customers. Thryv users receive one free address in this domain-based account, and additional inboxes can be purchased.

Plus, Thryv users with the HIPAA add-on can upgrade to a Gmail Certified Secure email. This enables safe customer communication with advanced security.

As with everything in Thryv, our support team is standing by to help users set up their Gmail email service account. Not a Thryv user but curious about all that Thryv offers? Connect with us today for a free demo.

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