According to the G2 Fall Report, we know how Thryv users like their software: Fast and easy. Those are just two of the reasons Thryv has been named a G2 Leader for eight consecutive quarters – that’s two years straight!

That Was Fast!

In addition to helping us consistently earn the Leader accolades, Thryv users have scored us high enough to land a new award for the G2 Fall Report – Fastest Implementation.

We consider this a big win because we put a lot of effort into on-boarding our users. Software champs like Thryv who lead in this category provide the shortest go-live time for their customers, according to G2.

That means you get up-and-running with your software so you can enjoy all the perks – like automating your marketing, streamlining payments and so much more – so you can get back to the work you love.

“Thryv is definitely an essential tool for any business,” said Raquel Stewart, from Paradise Roofing in Gastonia, N.C. “I can now do everything from one place. Customer files, documents, estimates, invoices and payments all together. It’s great.”

More from the G2 Fall Report

In the G2 Fall Report, Thryv lands 10 awards. Among them are:

  • For the sixth straight quarter, users say Thryv has the Easiest Set-up for Small Businesses and Overall.
  • Also, for the sixth quarter in a row, small business users recognized that Thryv has the Easiest Admin.
  • Making it the fifth quarter in a row, Thryv has the Highest User Adoption for Small Business. New this quarter, Thryv also wins for Highest User Adoption Overall.
  • Also, for the fifth straight quarter, Thryv Small Business users are Most Likely to Recommend Thryv.
  • For one year straight (four consecutive quarters), Thryv was named a Leader for Overall Best Support.

Thryv moved up 9 positions into the Top 20 CRM platforms, in the CRM Implementation Index: Small Business. With an easier setup, faster implementation time and higher user adoption, Thryv surpasses competitors such as Keap and Zoho CRM in this critical category.

“When Thryv users recognize that our platform is faster and easier to set up, and they recommend it to their peers, that’s when we know we’ve created successful solutions that truly help small business owners,” said Ryan Cantor, Thryv’s VP of Product and Marketing.

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