Do you see us blushing over here? That’s right, it’s another award for Thryv’s software. We’re honored to be name a 2020 APPEALIE Award winner for Customer Success.

This award is special to us for a few reasons: First, the APPEALIE Award review process is one of the most discerning around, focusing on customer feedback, Net Promoter Scores, survey responses and other due diligence by the APPEALIE team.

Second, we strive to provide the industry’s best customer service. We want our users to have a great on-boarding experience and help at every step along the way, whenever they need us.

“We offer our users something they won’t find with other small business SaaS providers in the market: catered coaching sessions during onboarding and free, ongoing 24-7 live support,” says Grant Freeman, Thryv’s VP of Client Success. “This puts Thryv in a class by itself, and ensures our users don’t miss a beat in their day-to-day operations.”

Helping Users Succeed with Their Customers, Too

“We are far more than a software platform,” Freeman says. “We are a team dedicated to providing the level of service needed to ensure our clients succeed at using our software to achieve their goals, and, in turn, succeed in delivering a seamless end-to-end experience for their customers, as well.”

To accomplish that, the Thryv software helps business owners deliver a better experience for their clients. Thryv’s functionality lets them create personalized touchpoints throughout the entire customer journey, such as:

  • Automated marketing, like welcome emails or text message appointment reminders
  • Service packages to boost customer loyalty, such as multi-visit fitness packages or home maintenance packages
  • Anytime online scheduling
  • Listings control and social media management
  • Review requests and management
  • Easy payments via ThryvPay, the fully integrated payment processing service

“Love the business help they give,” verified user Jenna Pruitte-Sefton wrote in her G2 review of Thryv. “Thryv has been amazing to work with regarding setting up my account and following through to make sure, even months after opening an account and even during quarantine, that I am using all the areas they offer as well as staying in touch and supporting me throughout the changes in my business.”

Comments like these from small business owners, such as Pruitte-Sefton, illustrate how dedicated Thryv is to customer service, and we’re thrilled to be recognized by the APPEALIE Awards, as well!