When it comes to working for a cause, few organizations have a better pedigree than the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB). Founded in 1943, the NFIB is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year as one of the pre-eminent advocates for small businesses throughout the country.

The NFIB was the brainchild of C. Wilson Harder who saw a need to help soldiers returning from the war find employment in small business and as small business owners. Big business was flourishing as the demand to meet production goals during the war became the nation’s focus, and both the government and the economy had shifted in that direction. Recognizing this, Harder resigned his position with the United States Chamber of Commerce and created the NFIB and, according to the president and CEO of NFIB Dan Danner, “…began its mission to protect the right to own, operate and grow a business.”

He goes on to offer that “…NFIB has garnered more members — and earned more credibility — than any other small-business group in history” – more than 350,000 members, at least 90 percent of whom have 20 employees or fewer.

Currently, the NFIB and its membership have targeted regulations, taxes, and costs associated with insurance as the three key areas that impede small business development and growth, and they are working towards improvements in these areas so that small businesses can survive and flourish.

Says Mr. Danner, “…we at NFIB continue to work to make America’s entrepreneurs heard in Washington and across the country,” and, “As the engine of the U.S. economy, small-business owners epitomize the American Dream in every way.”


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