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The Evolution of Customer Service [Infographic]

By | 12.10.13
The Evolution of Customer Service [Infographic]

Just like the rest of the world, customer service has been changing with the evolution of technology. First came the advent of reaching customer service departments through email, then chat, and now social media. This infographic from the customer service specialists at Parature breaks down the evolution of customer service from 1996 to present day, and provides great insight as to how you can change your business’s customer service to better help your customers. A few key take-aways:

  • The one thing that hasn’t changed, no matter how many avenues of communication a customer has, is phone wait times.
  • If there’s one thing customers love, it’s an app available to them.
  • There’s a reason companies tend to put social media staff in customer service – the majority of people who have a problem resolved through social media will recommend the company/brand/business to others.

Evolution of Customer Service


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