Local businesses in the Pacific Northwest face similar challenges to your own. Much like you, they know they need to be actively pursuing new customers while at the same time keeping tabs on current clients.

At our recent Seattle Biz Talk, industry experts joined forces to deliver valuable insights and personalized help to attendees. We know you’re not all based in the great state of Washington. So, here’s some of what we covered.

The Value of Search Engine Marketing by Bing’s Brittney Thomas
Brittney talked all about why search engine marketing is such a big deal. She hit us with the tough reality that most individuals who search for products and services online don’t make it past the first page of results. Most don’t even look past the first three results. Translation? If you’re not investing in ads that place your website at the top of the list, it’s becoming more and more likely your business will get lost in the clutter.

Social Media Shortcuts by SCORE’s Robbin Block
SCORE’s Robbin Block was a true social butterfly. She covered some great social media shortcuts and reminded us that the best social shortcut is a solid social strategy. Not sure which social sites your business should use? She let us in on who’s hanging out where, so you can make sure you’re targeting the right customers. Check it out.

Don’t Get Lost in the Cloud by Dex Media’s Jason Abraham
Jason Abraham really gets it. (Of course he does, he’s a Dex Media guru!) He spent his time showing the crowd how easy it is to get overwhelmed by the wide array of business management solutions out there. There are tools to manage your finances, communicate with customers, build your website, market your business and so many more. His best advice? Get out of the clutter, and focus your efforts on as few tools as possible. And, it might make the most sense to choose a tool with top-notch support, like Thryv.

Up next, Dex Media is launching a webinar series!

Biz Talk Webinars help thousands of local businesses gain new customers and keep current ones coming back with a variety of business management tools and tips. Each webinar features the latest trends from industry experts on how to run and grow your business in today’s competitive marketplace.

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