Not only was Haigh Quarry prepping for a new season of scuba diving instruction, but, like everyone else, they were still feeling the effects of COVID-19. To ensure their customers knew what to expect when visiting the location, Haigh Quarry updated its website and dipped a toe into text marketing.

First things first, Haigh Quarry announced a new season start date and added some new regulations at the top of the website, such as asking visitors to wear masks and practice safe distancing. This is what the new home page notifications look like today:

Giving Texts a Try

Also at the top of the home page are instructions for customers to opt into text alerts. Once the customer has signed up, the Haigh Quarry team sends Text/SMS updates with timely information, such as weather conditions and water temperatures.

These can be sent right from Haigh Quarry’s Thryv and updates customers in real time, so there are no surprises for the day! Text marketing also comes in handy for other updates, upcoming events and special promotions.

The texts offer the opportunity to send tips and links to company website for information, sign-ups and more.

These are just a few easy ways businesses can keep the lines of communication open and get the word out about new policies — and Thryv makes it easy.

Thryv can help your small business keep its digital marketing strategy fresh by capitalizing on the latest text messaging marketing methods. Don’t know where to begin? Watch our video to learn how to keep your texts professional & polite.