SMBs are flooded with calls from reps offering a range of information and services that can benefit them and improve their business. However, few of these calls are answered, and even fewer result in sales.

A study conducted by Borrell Associates found that, on average, SMBs receive 17 calls a month from sellers, yet they answer fewer than six of them. Part of the reason for such a small number, it was learned, has to do with when calls are made.

The prime time with the greatest likelihood a call will be answered is Wednesday, with Tuesday and Thursday next in line. Most (but not all) SMBs will not answer calls on weekends. But being timely is just the first obstacle.

According to the Local Commerce Monitor survey from LSA Insider, sellers must be able to build credibility with SMBs in order to have even a glimmer of hope in making a sale.

  • The top criterion for garnering trust was an SMB’s confidence that the seller would deliver on promises made.
  • Next on the list was responsiveness to needs.
  • Followed closely by knowledge of the company/nature of its business.

The lone exception to this order was in the field of Professional Services, where an understanding of the business and its line of work was tops.

Both reports suggest that in addition to timeliness and credibility, creatively adapting to the changing demands and expectations of the marketing world will help reps successfully connect with small business owners.


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