Do You Project the Best Image for Your CompanyWhen you work for a giant conglomerate, what you do in public is rarely a blip on the corporate PR radar. As someone running a smaller business, you may be the face of the company. The things you do and say, the way you act, how you treat people, they all can help potential customers form an opinion of the company. The New Year is the perfect time to ask yourself if you really project the best image for your company.

Your actions in the office

As you’d expect, the way you conduct yourself in the office sets the impression your clients, vendors and staff will have of you. This isn’t to say you must be a buttoned-up corporate suit during business hours though. In most cases, people will respond to a businessperson with a little personality.

When trying to project the best image for your company, it’s important to give your behavior a slight makeover. In general, ensure your behavior doesn’t:

  • Discriminate
  • Exclude
  • Harass
  • Offend.

Remember, the perception of your actions can be more important than the actions themselves. The male manager who’s just a bit too touchy feely with a female employee can send a definite bad impression to others, even when that’s not the intention.

You actions outside of work

Unfortunately, being the face of the company can also mean that you’re under scrutiny when you’re in public during your off hours. While your personal life shouldn’t have any bearing on your company’s reputation, it still can. This goes double for when you’re out in public wearing any company-branded apparel.

Projecting the best image for your company doesn’t have to mean being cooped up in your house during your off hours. The best approach is to avoid the hot spots frequented by your customer base when possible and being cognizant of your actions when it isn’t.

Your appearance

While we’re taught not to judge a book by its cover as children, this lesson doesn’t always translate well into the business world. The way we look can and does shape the way people view our abilities as professionals and the quality of the companies we represent. Luckily, projecting the best image for your company doesn’t always have to mean a fancy suit. Someone wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt can appear just as professional as someone wearing a suit.

Someone who hasn’t brushed their hair in a week cannot.

Remember, staying aware of what your words, actions and appearance says to other people about your company is a solid start to projecting the best image for your company.