Update 03/24/2020: For more from Neal on how COVID-19 is creating a time of urgency — and opportunity — for small businesses, click here.

In 2010, only 36% of businesses believed they were competing on customer experience. Today, that number is closer to 89%.

Why is customer experience so important? Neal Polachek, founder of Think Like An App, says today’s consumers expect results now. And he’s right.

When we book an appointment, we’d rather tap than call. Want a date? Swipe away. Buy a car in a single click.

Think Like An App approaches today’s market with the modern consumer in mind. They help businesses incorporate a mobile mindset into everything they do to anticipate the future.

We recently spoke with Neal on our “Winning on Main Street” podcast about why even if you’re not in the technology space, your business should make tech a top priority.

A Sneak Peek

“Companies like Amazon have been doing this for years. That experience they deliver is founded on gobs of research that the local business owner can’t afford to do. So we have to learn in a lot of ways from what the big companies are doing. As I was thinking about the customer journey, the other big notion that came into my head is this notion of the customer experience.

It’s really those two notions…that people are living and doing so much through their app and their phone, and that it’s changing the customer experience considerably.”

More of what you can expect to hear:

  • Big business secrets and tips for mobile transformation
  • Should your business have its own app? Why the answer may be “no”
  • Top consumer expectations of authenticity, transparency and immediacy

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