Big brands and large companies have a lot of online advertising power. Why? Because they have massive buying power.

Unfortunately, that might leave you feeling like you can’t compete. But that’s not the case!

Your small business can still go up against big brands and succeed if you’ve got the right approach to your online advertising. Here’s how you can advertise online and outsmart the big guys.

Don’t spend your money all in one place.

There are plenty of online advertising platforms for small businesses. Places like social media and search engines.

But putting all your money into just one platform could be a waste, especially if you’re investing in ads your target consumers might not see.

Explore online advertising channels you haven’t tried yet.

For example, if you only advertise on Google, try Facebook to get in front of more customers.

Be consistent.

Consistency builds trust and customer loyalty. Regardless of where you advertise online, make sure your message is consistent.

Keep your business message the same across:

  • Search engines
  • Social media
  • Online listings sites

Optimize with insights and analytics.

Instead of traditional marketing techniques like direct mail, choose channels that provide metrics to refine your plan.

  • Pull reports to see where your best leads are coming from.
  • Find the most cost-effective lead sources based on your ROI.
  • Focus your efforts on those sources.