We’re big fans of #MondayMotivation around here. If you go to our various Dex Media social platforms (Facebook and Twitter, for example), you’ll notice nearly every Monday we post a quote. I mean, who doesn’t love an uplifting quote to get them going on a Monday?

I’m the one who selects these quotes, and I take that job very seriously. I avoid the treacly and the vacuous and look for true words of wisdom to help our followers — not to mention myself — jumpstart our Mondays.

So without further ado, here are some of my favorite quotes from our social platforms in 2015 to help motivate you in 2016. And by all means, feel free to share our quotes on your social medium of choice!

We’ll start with an excellent sentiment for 2016.

business motivational quote #MondayMotivation quote

The one below was posted in honor of Small Business Saturday. It’s always a great idea to look to your community for assistance and to assist them as well!

business motivational quote Henry Ford Quote small business motivational quote #MondayMotivation quote #MondayMotivation quote small business motivational quote small business motivational quote small business motivational quote #MondayMotivation quote

And let’s end on a New Year’s quote — think of this time a year as a time to celebrate your small business and start fresh!

New Years quote

Which quote is your favorite? Also, please share your favorite motivational quotes not listed here in the comments!