Will Todd had a passion to pursue a career as a barber. He learned early on that certain tools would help him run a business while having the freedom to live and build his dream.

When he opened Will Todd Barbershop in Oakleaf, Fla., in 2019, he signed up with Thryv on day one. “Without Thryv, I don’t think my barbershop would be doing as well as it’s doing right now,” he says.

Stylists Staying on Task

Have you ever been getting your hair cut when the stylist needs to stop to answer the phone? Providing online scheduling and follow-up communication helps Will’s team stay on task, rather than juggling combs, scissors and phones.

“The calendar feature helps us tremendously by the client actually being able to make the appointment while we’re cutting hair,” he says.

Will’s website features his online booking feature, and he posts about it on his social media pages. The feature allows clients and prospects to schedule an appointment from their phones or computers whenever it’s convenient for them.

Plus, when customers leave after their appointment, they automatically receive a follow-up message to thank them for their business and remind them to schedule their next appointment.

“Thryv makes scheduling clients much easier for me,” he says. “I put it in the clients’ hands, and they can do more.”

Beyond scheduling, Will uses Thryv to manage client information, post to social media and send marketing campaigns. Maintaining a centralized source of client information that interacts with other business-to-consumer activities, such as communication, invoicing, payments and gathering reviews, is the foundation for building a full end-to-end client experience.

Keeping everything in one dashboard, like Will does, makes it easy for him to conduct business, and easier for his customers to do business with him. Check out his story in this video:

Will Todd Barber from Thryv on Vimeo.