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Older Shoppers Leveraging Mobile Technology

Older Shoppers Leveraging Mobile Technology

Is the older generation really out of touch, stuck in their ways and afraid of technology? Maybe not – says recent research. In a survey conducted by Thrive Analytics, more seasoned consumers are taking advantage of mobile technology while shopping.

In January 2014, 1,058 smart phone users were surveyed  including respondents from four age groups: Generation Y (18-29), Generation X (30-43), Young Boomers (44-53), Older Boomers and Seniors (over 54). Following are some of the most notable findings with regards to older boomers and seniors:

  • Sixty-nine percent use their mobile devices sometimes while shopping in-store
  • Fifty percent use their devices to comparison shop
  • Only six percent said they feel guilty browsing on their devices while in-store
  • A whopping eighty-five percent rely on their devices to make smarter shopping decisions while in-store
  • Thirty-seven percent said they are comfortable changing their minds about purchases based on information obtained on their devices
  • Sixty-two percent said they are more likely to share their geographic location in exchange for loyalty points or discounts
  • Thirty-seven percent said they’ve agreed to receive incentives via text messages

What is the key takeaway from all of this? Local businesses must engage with their customers, including older boomers and seniors, via mobile technology if they want to thrive in new retail reality.

How did the other age groups respond? Read on.


Norton, Neg. “Survey: Older Generations Embrace Mobile As Local Shopping Companion”. Search Engine Land. 4/14/2014.

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