Whether you’re starting a new business or just kicking off your business’s journey into social media, a Facebook Business page is the best place to begin.

Social media marketing can be a fickle beast when growing your small business, especially when deciding which platforms to use. With so many choices from Instagram and TikTok to Twitter and YouTube, one platform outperforms the competition – Facebook.

“Facebook still reigns as the most used social network in the world … with over 2.7 billion monthly active users.”

Getting Started and Staying Consistent

The first thing you need when creating a Facebook Business page is a personal Facebook profile. After that, it’s as simple as clicking the “page” button under the “create” menu, and you’re off to the races.

Keep your branding consistent when setting up the business page. When consumers search for your business online, they should see the same business name, logo and details about your products and services whether they click on your Facebook page or website.

Consistent branding across various platforms will make you look professional and establish trust for potential customers.

How Do You Engage with a Facebook Business Page?

Facebook offers several ways to connect with customers whether you’re posting before and after photos or hosting live events. In fact, there are multiple ways for customers to engage with you outside of the typical Facebook post.

You can film live videos, create events, post jobs or integrate various scheduling and eCommerce apps – the list goes on. Paid ads and “boosted posts” are also great ways to cast a wider net when attracting new customers.

Once you decide which post to boost, you can target a specific audience based on age, location, gender and more to ensure your message is getting to the right people.

Lastly, the Facebook Business suite provides in-depth metrics called “Insights” on all posted content. This allows you to see what performs well so you can replicate it to increase success when growing your business.

A Facebook Business Page Is a No-brainer

Not all social platforms harmonize well with a small business’s marketing strategy. Although, Facebook has demonstrated it can fit the needs of just about any business owner who’s looking to connect with current and potential customers through social media.

With more than 3.6 billion people across the globe using social media, there’s plenty of engagement to go around. For more ways to maximize your exposure through social media, visit our Social Media Goals for Small Businesses Guide.